6 Tips to Decorate a Small Apartment

More than tricks, the decoration of small apartments in need of good ideas and effective solutions for the organization. Check out 6 tips Anagê!

When it comes to decorating a small apartment, many people are afraid because they believe that they will not be able to take advantage of the environments in the best way, unless you resort to a reform and, therefore, can decrease the comfort and convenience of home in your routines.

However, by means of some easy tips, and simple enough that do not need to compromise on your budget, it is possible not only to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your small home, but also make it more spacious, inviting and functional.

Was thinking about that, we have prepared this special post with 6 tips for decorating small apartments and leave your house the way you always wanted. Check it out!

6 Tips to Decorate a Small Apartment 1

1 – Invest in functional furniture for the living room

To begin, it is of paramount importance that you evaluate the area of the room and write down all the measures of the environment. This allows you to avoid disproportionalities that may occur because of furniture that are too large and do not fit in the corners of the specific space.

After all, this decreases the air circulation, reduces the space for its locomotion in the home, increasing the chances of esbarrões or accidents, makes it difficult to clean and the worst: pollute visually the room, leaving the overloaded of information.

Once this is done, time for the next step: choose a furniture that is functional and optimize the environment. This means, in practice, opt for furniture that have not only a use but also other forms of use thanks to the versatility.

Some examples are sofa-beds, poufs with chests internal trimmers retractable, racks with space for benches, sofas with built-in cabinet, etc.

2 – Explore the vertical surfaces in the area of service

The service area has a very important role in the apartments, because it is where we store a range of products and cleaning items, in addition to the washing machine, and other objects that are indispensable to keep your home tidy and cozy.

However, it is not difficult to find that space often disorganized for lack of a decoration that optimize the location. A helpful tip is to explore the vertical surfaces of the enclosure, that is, the walls, with niches, shelves or even hanging lockers.

Thus, you will avoid the use of furniture in the environment, which could make it smaller, that makes the space more welcoming and less cluttered visually, and makes the service area more functional for your day-to-day, with only the necessary items to the shows.

3 – Use mirrors to enlarge the runners

Decorating a small apartment not only to highlight rooms like the living room, the kitchen or the bedroom, but also give attention to areas that tend to be left aside in the residence: the runners.

Use mirrors in them, especially the models that cover the entire surface of the wall at a 90 ° angle in relation to the floor, it is a simple way of doubling the size of the space and generate a visual sensation of continuity — which is excellent for those runners who are smaller and make the connection between environments very close.

In addition, the mirrors have an excellent effect on enhancing the local lighting since it reflect the light beams that arrive at its surface, making the area clearer and more comfortable visually, especially when the light is natural and there are windows, terraces or balconies the next.

6 Tips to Decorate a Small Apartment 2

4 – Invest in household appliances of steel in the kitchen

A valuable tip of the interior design, but that many people are unaware of, is the advantage of investing in household appliances, such as stove, fridge and microwave, which are of steel.

This is due to the fact that those with other shades, especially the more vibrant, have the surface of the “plateau” for the account of the matte painting, or is, end up absorbing more intensity to the light that they receive.

Already the appliances and even the utensils of steel, such as cookware, cutlery and drainer, work in a similar way to the mirrors, since the texture of the steel reflects the light in the environment, making it more illuminated and, consequently, the broader visually.

The effect is even greater when the kitchen is combined with the service area or integrated to the living room, as the model of north american cuisine, because there is more light beams that reach them.

5 – Use a neutral colour palette in the rooms

Another important tip when decorating a compact apartment, is to redouble the attention with the use of dark tones on the walls, especially in the rooms. This is because the colors closed and vibrant, as the black and the yellow, they absorb more light, making the atmosphere more hot and also darker, and decrease the space visually.

All of these aspects can lead to an effect of dampening in the room, which is bad, because it affects your quality of sleep and the daily rest, in addition you stimulate to get more and more agitated.

Therefore, to adopt a color palette that is neutral and smooth to avoid visual fatigue and increase the local lighting and make the room more spacious, inviting and relaxing. Some possibilities of shades are off white, the white, the blue tones medium, the pastel shades, the grey and the candy colors.

6 Tips to Decorate a Small Apartment 3

6 – Bet on transparent items in the bathroom

By the end, bet on transparency by creating the decor of the bathrooms. After all, this characteristic is present in some materials, such as plastic, acrylic and glass, has a great impact in environments with reduced space, and expanded to reduce the visual barriers, in addition, increasing the luminosity.

Another great advantage of transparency is that it can be present in several items of the room, as the partition of the box, the cabinet and small objects, such as vessels, jars and soap dishes.

This may even be the opportunity for you to invest in the style of clean furniture that is in high value simplicity and objectivity in the enclosures, but with very good taste and delicacy.

Liked our tips for decorating a compact apartment? So enjoy them in your home to optimize space, prevent excesses in the rooms, increase comfort, and, of course, make it even more cozy.