Dornbracht Bathroom Accessories | 1950, Germany


Brand facts: 

  • Dornbracht is a world leading manufacturer of high quality fittings and accessories for bathrooms and kitchens.
  • They put forward a claim of “Culturing Life”, which connects individual needs with the quality of life, aiming to providing individual products and solutions that can improve the quality of life.
  • They keep on following the philosophy values of Aesthetics, Health, Intelligence, and Intimacy.

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Delta Bathroom Accessories | 1954, US


Brand facts: 

  • Delta is a sub-brand of Delta Faucet Company which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Masco Corporation, providing home improvement and building products.
  • The success of the brand is that they combine innovative idea and customers’ need in their design.
  • They insist on a belief that there are better ways to experience water, and they pay large attention to water conservation and water quality.

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Decolav Bathroom Accessories | 2000, US


Brand facts: 

  • Decolav is an American brand producing a variety of bathroom accessories including lavatories, furniture, fixtures, which has won ADEX Award before.
  • They make all products in high quality by arranging the production in house and their infrastructure is also perfect which make them a world leading manufacturer in the industry.

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Danze Bathroom Accessories | 2001, US


Brand facts: 

  • Danze is a world leading brand providing kitchen and bath accessories including faucets, toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, and so on.
  • They follow a philosophy value of “A world filled with unlimited possibilities”, and they spend much time and energy to explore new products to meet customers’ needs.
  • They hope to bring people comfortable life with inspirations and happiness.

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Danco Bathroom Accessories | 1933, US


Brand facts: 

  • Danco is an American brand as one of the largest manufacturer of plumbing repair and replacement parts for bathrooms and kitchens, abbreviated by Abbreviation Finder.
  • They insist on a spirit of “anything is possible”, and devote to producing more innovative and improving products and solutions for customers.

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Croydex Bathroom Accessories | 1919, UK

Croydex Bathroom Accessories 1919, UK


Croydex Bathroom Accessories 1919, UK

Brand facts: 

  • Croydex is a British brand manufacturing bathroom products including rods, showers, toilet seats, cabinets, and accessories.
  • The focus on the quality of the products to meet customers’ requirements while also combine innovation and fashion elements in their designs, which makes the brand a huge successes.

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Geberit Bathroom Accessories | 1874, Switzerland


Brand Facts: 

  • Geberit is a leading manufacturer of sanitary systems in Europe providing appliances and fixtures for sanitary installations.
  • They are focused on improving the quality and efficiency of their products, aiming to provide more and more innovative and sustainable sanitary products for customers and bring a new kind of comfortable lifestyle.

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Chicago Faucets Bathroom Accessories | 1901, US

Chicago Faucets by Geberit



Main Categories:

Manual faucets, electronic sensor faucets, pre-rinse fittings, glass and pot fillers, drinking fountains, tub and showers, stops and supplies, washdown and sill, laboratory, safety, urinal valves, hygiene and salon, mortuary, remote spouts and valves, accessories and parts

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