Food and Cooking

Definition of BBQ

About the Barbecue

If you ask any Italian to give us a definition of the term barbecue grilling, definitely we talk moment of conviviality and a cooking facility. The barbecue for many Italians is means gather outdoors, be prepare sausages, ribs and chops to the butcher,…
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Cellulite Also Depends on Cooking

The cellulite depends on cooking food, apart from the power supply. Some methods of cooking would indeed produce harmful substances that adversely affect our skin. Here’s what emerged during the last national conference devoted to aesthetic medicine. Almost all now know that cellulite mainly depends power…
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Steps to Make Strawberry Pie

Ingredients (Strawberry Pie): 3 layer cake bottoms 1/2 l whipping cream 400-500 g fresh strawberries 100-150 g of crushed macaroons a bit of port wine or, better still, cognac   Approach (Strawberry Pie): Spray pie bottoms with cognac/port wine. Whip the cream to foam. Chop 3/4 of These berries coarsely and mix them in 2/3 of the cream skimmed along with crushed macaroons. Put a bit of cognac in the foam. Favor filling between bottoms and garnish with the rest of the cream foam and some strawberries. Shred any. Anything chocolate and decorate with it. Gallery Four…
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Steps to Make Strawberry Cake

Ingredients (Strawberry Cake): 3 eggs 125 g. of sugar 150 g. plain flour 1 tsp. baking soda   Fill and garnish: 500 g strawberries 3 dl. whipping cream 1 tbsp. vanilla sugar   Approach (Strawberry Cake): Whip eggs and sugar foamy. Mix the flour and baking powder from and stir it together with the egg mixture. Pour batter into a greased form and bake the cake at about 250 °C in six to eight minutes. Let the…
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Steps to Make Italian Bread

Ingredients (Italian Bread):  40 grams of yeast 2 teaspoons salt 5 decilitre water 1 Tablespoon olive oil 1 Teaspoon Sugar 450 grams pastamel 500 grams pizzamel   Approach (Italian Bread): Smulder yeast in a bowl, add salt and let it dissolve the yeast. Add the water, olive oil, sugar and pasta flour. Save a handful as the bread to be sprinkled with finally. Then met pizza flour in. Knead dough 10-15 minutes until it is supple. Thoroughness here is very important for a successful outcome.   Style then the dough to uplift with a wet dishcloth over in 5-10 hours. When the dough is ready will be turned down and then to an elongated shaped beans. Let it raise an hour. RIDs so the…
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Steps to Make Icelandic Layer Cake

Icelandic Layer Cake   Ingredients (Icelandic Layer Cake): Layers: 3 egg whites 140 g sifted icing sugar 140 g desiccated coconut   Cream: 4 egg yolks 60 g sifted icing sugar 100 g melted butter cool down 100 g melted chocolate   Approach (Icelandic layer cake): The 3 egg whites whipped very stiff and mix powdered su