Decorative Week: Start Home Decor and Exit to Terrace and Garden

Without a doubt the most important news of the week it comes to decoration, was the inauguration of Casa Decor Madrid 2016 Thursday, May 19. However, its doors will remain open until the end of the coming month so we still have a lot of days to go shelling gradually the details of each and every one of its spaces.

But logically Home Decor is one of the main protagonists of our decorative week, because there are many blogs that echoed the opening and the first events in the last few days. And in that sense a post I liked much of Ana Utrilla that shows us an infographic with Basic 5 must always wear a decoration event including, of course, camera and comfortable shoes and with whom I agree completely.

Decorative Week Start Home Decor and Exit to Terrace and Garden 1

Also in other blogs commenting these days first impressions about the exhibition which is undoubtedly a reference, in addition to meeting point for all professionals and also for all the bloggers of the interior design and decoration. We found the opening of the 51st Edition of Casa Decor data, for example in Femeniname.

Virlova also it showed us these days a lot of photos of the building and the spaces of Home Decor in the new edition, which this week opened its doors to the public and which therefore can already enjoy, those who have the luck to be in Madrid in the coming weeks.

Decorative Week Start Home Decor and Exit to Terrace and Garden 2

But not everything is going to be home Decor, because we also want to complete with inspiration further than its doors and there are still us several weeks to continue commenting on your space and we don’t want to reveal all their secrets in the early days. So, taking that it’s spring, we will inspire us in the outdoors.

For example in Travelationary gave us this week 5 key ways to make our vintage kitchen, who says garden, says terrace and generally any outdoor space which we enjoy. It is interesting to see the connection between the garden and the interior which is produced in the space of Nordic and super stylish showing us a few days ago in Chic and Deco.

Also in Delikatissen have you thought that these days many of us want to eat out and give us the keys to mount a good table or even a full dining room from outside both a terrace and a garden depending on the available space and we ended up with the dream home in Ibiza that we show in Give amine, also with direct connection between the exterior and the interior of the House and with a fantastic pool that invites you to take a dip.

Decorative Week Start Home Decor and Exit to Terrace and Garden 3

And this is all for today, next Sunday will come back with a new installment of our decorative week in which I bet that you House Decor will be among the protagonists.