Get to Know 5 Types of Floors That Mimic Wood

If you want to use floors that mimic wood in your home or apartment, now meet 5 different types and choose your own!

Wood floors are an icon of elegance in the decorations, because they leave everything more beautiful. However, lately people have opted for floors that mimic wood, and avoided the use of this technique for a multitude of reasons important. To begin with, the use of wood in the floor is not anything sustainable and eco-friendly. In addition, its cost is high and make the floor of an entire area with solid wood would be excessively expensive and very difficult to do proper cleaning to keep everything spotless.
Thinking about it, the market has developed other types of finishes to floors that mimic wood, are often very faithful to the original material. This type of flooring similar, it is easy to find, has lower cost and is not an alternative that goes against the sustainability that both seek in today’s times for our homes.Check it out now 5 options that you can use as an alternative:

Get to Know 5 Types of Floors That Mimic Wood 1

Type of floor 1: floors-PVC (vinyl)

The vinyl floors are manufactured from petroleum derivatives, resins and minerals. Are resistant, very flexible, and can be found in traditional formats, or even with the cuts larger. The patterns and textures of this type of floor are varied and in addition to the imitations of woods light, dark, or even most worn, it is possible to find also perfect replicas of finishes such as marble and concrete. This type of flooring reduces the noise by stepping on what others have and cleaning is much easier because of the material used in it. The ideal is that the vinyl flooring should only be used in internal areas by having certain restriction to the exposure of the sun and excess water.

Type of flooring 2: carpet wood

The carpet of wood are composed of thin sheets of natural wood, overlaid on a base of processed wood, usually MDF or similar. It is a floor thinner than the others, with lower cost and easy installation in environments, however, its duration is lower if compared with the others for the account of the material. This type of finish can be applied on top of cold floors that are already installed in the house.

Get to Know 5 Types of Floors That Mimic Wood 2

Surface type 3: porcelain tiles

The porcelain is the most popular type of this list and the one that shows the best points in time to consider the floor ideal for your home. It has higher strength than the other, it is more durable and practical, in addition to trust to an appearance very close to the original with details of the unique texture of the wood, as their slots, normal wear and tear caused by time and natural patterns. Different from the vinyl flooring, the porcelain tiles can be used in all areas, including external, because it does not suffer any kind of damage due to climatic factors, provided that applied correctly. The maintenance of this type of floor is minimal, and grouts very professional and discreet.
Type 4: ground floor cimentício
The floor cimentício has some attributes for those who prefer the look of the wood more rustic and natural. The process for this finish with the feel of a longer craft is made with application of paints and products to simulate the details of the wood after complete drying of the pieces of cement have already made indentations in the format of boards. For the case of concrete, nor need we say that it is extremely resistant, in addition to non-slip, durable and simple to clean. This type of finish also goes well in compositions on walls, not limiting themselves only the function of the floor.

Get to Know 5 Types of Floors That Mimic Wood 3

Type 5: laminate flooring

As well as the wood floor, laminate flooring is composed of layers of wood and derived materials. These layers are divided into a base which sustains the other, a compensated higher-density, laminated, decorative, and, finally, the top layer of finish and protection. This type of flooring ensures a greater durability than the wood actually has. Its installation is also simple, and the cleaning without any major complications. The laminate floors are also resistant and have less wear. The only point that should be observed by those who opt to this floor is that the finish is according to what you want, as it may not be so faithful as well as the other presented.

Now that you know a little more about the finishes of the floors that mimic wood, you can go to specialty shops and to check closely the options that best fit in your home and in your pocket. Invest in a decoration full of personality and style, thinking about the practicality of your choice and final finish. Keep in mind before any things in the environment in which you want to use the flooring with the appearance of wood and see if the options listed meet what you are looking for. Factors such as strength and durability are essential if the intention is to coat the external areas.