In The Cozy Corner of Immaculate Recio at Home Decor

The perfect office for the woman of today. So it could be called the space of the Interior Designer Immaculate Recio Villarejo in Home Decor 2015, but it is actually the name that I would have put him because she has called it: Cozy Corner.

Indeed, the fusion of styles and functionality of this space I liked, his fellow cast (Orac Decor, carpets Kilombo moldings or sculptures and ornaments) and I wanted to get to know this interior designer that comes to Home Decor 2015 for the first time in solitary and whose idea of a cosy corner through enjoy the designs of The 2nd Skin to view.

A small sketch of IRI interior design by Inma Recio

My beginnings were in the workshop of jewelry from my parents, where created pieces of fine jewelry along with them. In 1995 just my studies of Interior architecture and I ride my first Studio with a partner.

In The Cozy Corner of Immaculate Recio at Home Decor 1

Later I rush to a new experience in solo and, since then, I have not stopped making residential and even three hotels projects: two in Spain and one in Dubai.

Despite being mother of a large family, I never abandoned my profession. The creativity, interior design and reform they excite me.

Decoesfera: Immaculate conception, this is your second edition of Home Decor after sharing space, how is it that you have launched this year alone?

Immaculate Recio:
Last year was my first edition of Home Decor shared with two roommates more. A wonderful first experience. This second year, coinciding with the 50th Edition of Home Decor, I rush with a solo project. I want to know me 100% in my projects, although collaboration was nice to three-band last year. This year had to be just me… so here I am!

D: for like would you surround yourself of nice things? Say this for the modelazos of The 2nd Skin that are part of the decoration of your space.

I.R.I try to be in serene and relaxed environments When I’m projecting. I think it is the best way to be comfortable in your job and, even when creativity plays an important role in what I do. The more serene and relaxed is the atmosphere… better.

D: how is the ideal space of Immaculate Recio?

In The Cozy Corner of Immaculate Recio at Home Decor 2

I.R.As you can see I like the calm, relaxed spaces and balanced in terms of colors. And I wanted so to reflect in my space. To do this I used moldings on ceilings and walls, as I say:”I like dressing the walls” and create at the same time timeless and classic environments.

Hardwoods, as in the case of soil in natural oak and furniture. Also the use of marble that I like so much and I always use in my projects. And good lighting.

D. give us three guidelines for a perfect decoration.

I.R.First and most importantly, it is to know always listen to the customer,connect to 100% with them. We must learn to capture what you want to create your home.
Second, a good choice of materials, such as wood, marble, moldings (at this time as on the rise) and all types of finishes, third and fundamental, lighting, with that I love to create scenes.

D: I’m going to ask the same as Silvia asparagus… Convince us to redecorate the House

I.R.:I think for interior design, you must follow wall clock trends but always respecting essential elements and adapt treatment, as for example a good sofa, following trends. Time should be a change at home, personally always recommend to be comprehensive but if not can, with a few also can be ideal things.

Express questionnaire:

A color: Always neutral

A piece of furniture: Any of Biedermeier style

A style: Eclectic, always with a classic touch

A material: Wood

A wood: Oak

A national decorator: Lázaro Rosa-Violán

An international decorator: Sibyl Colefax

Textile reference:Gancedo

A teacher: :Jaime Palarde

A work of art: Miguel Angel of mercy

A unique design: .The House of the cascade

Curtains, blinds or curtains?: Curtains

In The Cozy Corner of Immaculate Recio at Home Decor 3

We have been able to get to know one of our most acclaimed interior designers in Home Decor. From here, thank you very much for attending to Decoesfera and congratulations on your space. Inma Recio shows us how to work in the more sophisticated atmosphere and turn it into our Cozy corner special.