Interview with Silvia Asparagus at Home Decor 2015

Home Decor He has given his kick off this week and, as in each edition, Since Decoesfera Decoesfera, We will do an intensive discovering each of the spaces, designers, highlights and if I hurry to criticizing a little bit, it is also healthy.

We already speak of the choice of Headquarters, in full Malasaña, for me, Madrid up to the bars is a success. A neighborhood that has been reinvented and neighbourly help is precious. In the the 10 Palm Street rises the building and in a space called “A sensory experience” discovered to Silvia Trigueros. The prestigious interior designer returns to Home Decor after two years away.

Faucets, Axor, firm hand Silvia has devised the perfect bathroom. Axor (famous for his collaborations with designers of the likes of Patricia Urquiola, among many others) presented in Home Decor 2015 a wonderful glass tap, Starck V that has fascinated us. Since your body of glass and open spout allow us to enjoy the natural force of water with more intensity, both its sound as the power.

Interview with Silvia Asparagus at Home Decor 2015 1

To know a little better to the Interior Designer, We wanted to ask you some questions about its origins, its history and its decorative preferences on modern clocks.

Decoesfera: Hi, Silvia. Tell us a little bit. How do you discover your passion for interior design?

Silvia Trigueros:
I started to work carrying the my family furniture store, little by little the furniture and decoration I were hooking and when it was time to find my house I found that it fascinated me to transform spaces and also gave me quite well. So I decided to improve my training studying interior architecture.

Interview with Silvia Asparagus at Home Decor 2015 2

D. you tell a little your career

After 8 years at the head of the family business and after finishing of interior architecture, I set up my own Studio with a companion that I finally separated. I have 8 years overturned in the Studio where I’ve done enough residential projects, a couple of hotels in Madrid and a project in the field of offices / warehouses.

D. a time, Home Decor is better that never dreaded crisis did the interior decorators to reinvent it?

S.T.I think that many decorators have reset your way of working, at least I have done. The Interior design you don’t have to be reserved for the luxury sector. We can help you improve your home and your life to all customers, we adapt to your needs. My greatest satisfaction is that the reform of the House of my clients is a wonderful experience which does not suffer with the process and enjoy the result. After all, what better to get a House to your liking?

D. often hear the impersonal homes decorated by professionals how to avoid this?

S.T.I am in favour of that the House reflects the personality of clients, not mine, they are those who will enjoy it and live it. Why try to know them well, their tastes, their needs, their customs. I check parts who have and who want to keep and try to fit them into the new proposal giving coherence and unity with the space. Sometimes costs customers know what they like, but I do them several proposals and they end up discovering what they like and deciding.

D. decoration fusion or a just style?

Definitely Fusion, Although I am not daring mergers or eclecticism. But contemporary parts, straight lines and lacquers, need to be combined with parts more craft, warm, that they bring personality to the space and settle it. And these pieces of contrast don’t have to necessarily be valuable antiques, there are wonderful 20th century furniture, such as the Danish chairs from the 1950s.

D. now, a question that I always do decorators? Convenceme so I renew my house…

We must renew our House because we change, as well as our needs and tastes. Have a comfortable house to your taste gives you well-being and peace at home, something that today we need and value our. Fashions have changed a lot, now look for homes in range of white, very serene, with a neutral base allow us to go to renewing it with little effort and investment.

D. the decoration 1,2,3:

S.T.If you are referring to the most important thing for me, I would say first, the distribution, Secondly the choice of materials and third the lighting. There are three things that we can not fail because then we can not change easily, and if this is not the project doesn’t.

Express answers

-A color:The Blue, combines perfectly with the neutral and not tired, always elegant.

-A piece of furniture:The storage unit or Cabinet as the Italians call it. Perfect in living room, dining room, entry or bedroom, extremely versatile

-A style:Contemporary, with a touch of classic

-A national decorator:
Lázaro Rosa Violán, retrieve classical elements, and mixed with other styles master their spaces are very personal.

-An international decorator
Candy & Candy, extreme elegance and luxury, perfection in every detail.

-A master:
Miguel Angel, I love to travel to Italy and enjoy his works, I fell in love with the Renaissance in my first trip to Italy with the College.

-A work of art:The Piazza Navona Bernini in Rome and the source of the 4 rivers. I am more sculpture than painting and this set seems exceptional.

-A material:If I just stay with one, would be the polymer mouldings (in its space of Home Decor, draw attention to the moldings of) ORAC Decor, getting the desired effect zen), an incredible material that transform any space in classic or contemporary style. But for me it is very difficult to stay just with one, I love materials, classics and new.

-A unique Chair:The Mademoiselle de Philippe Starck, It has a classic despite its modernity and adds a chic touch to any dining room or desk.

-A reference textile:
Dedar, a wonderful editor textile with wonderful colors, textures and dreams. (Not is if you’re referring to this)

Interview with Silvia Asparagus at Home Decor 2015 3

-A wood:The Walnut, but as it is his natural and Matt color. We have spent years getting dark it and apply matte varnish, a crime, is beautiful in its natural state

-Curtains, blinds or curtains?:
Roller blinds in different finishes without a doubt. They occupy little space, they are clean, they let in more light and are well also accompanied by fall if the space required.

From here Thanks to Silvia Trigueros your kindness and that we have received in the middle of the maelstrom that participate in Home Decor. And recommend that you go to visit this new edition, in Palm Street, 10.