Jean Porsche Tells Us The Keys to Its Intervention in Home Decor

Home Decor is one surprise after another. Salts dazzled a space, and you find yourself with another equally amazing in the next room. Something like this is what happened to us with the double intervention of the architect Jean Porsche in this edition of Home Decor that just started.

This Mexican architect has been involved in two areas separated from each other and to perform his work, Jean Porsche was inspired by ‘The mysterious case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’, the famous work of Stevenson.

Jean Porsche Tells Us The Keys to Its Intervention in Home Decor 1

We explained the architect, the idea of his speech is the visitor to drink the potion of the Dr. Jekyll in the first of the spaces. In this room there is the process of change that will lead to the visitor by unknown places until finally, theand ind up in the dream space, which is the Mr. Hyde.

The first of these spaces, glued to the spectacular staircase of the House Palace which houses Home Decor, has been conceived as a a large hall. Sober, elegant and with a hypnotic point thanks to the various elements that compose it, chaired by a large lamp designed by the designer himself based on designs Stilnovo, game with some ideal wall lamps.

Under the lamp, the Burgundy colored Woods of the kitchen doors of oak that has been built next to the mechanized boisserie share protagonism in equal parts, along with a sofa in the middle of the room. Sofa, is located just in front of a precious paper full of birds, framed by curtains in similar tones, with geometric motifs and a multitude of objects of different type and style which create a unique atmosphere.

After leaving this first room and take several spaces with designs from other designers, we came to the second of the spaces designed by Jean Porsche, that serves as a Mr. Hyde. This room is just the opposite of the first in which the designer has been involved.

Jean Porsche Tells Us The Keys to Its Intervention in Home Decor 2

This second room, much more luminous, reflects the bon vivant spirit its creator, as explained to us the own Jean Porsche. The room exudes a light, relax, thanks to the Historyaah that the architect has made of materials such as stone, wood or wallpapers as well as wall clocks.

An ideal space to read, have a nice chat with friends, enjoy a drink, or play chess. A space to enjoy the hobbies and friends, in which the architect has left nothing to chance.

On the ceiling, holding to the great lamp which was also designed by Porsche based on the designs of the Maison Jansen, are stylized and diagonal lines in white and yellow which take advantage of the symmetry of the room to sit and make it clear that it is not known where is the border between sanity and madness, or Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

In the space stands out the furniture, carefully chosen in the Spanish company for high quality furniture Time Home and in The Interiorlist, the showroom which own Porsche has in the Spanish capital, as fantastic as the bar Cabinet parts, or the table Assistant Golden bottom of a bird-shaped.

Jean Porsche Tells Us The Keys to Its Intervention in Home Decor 3

Two spaces, two personalities, two styles, and a very creative. Thank you, Jean Porsche, for welcoming us in Home Decor and explain the philosophy that you followed to design these two spaces.