Potpourri: Elvis Bailon and Home Decoration

Everybody in the whole cell block, Was dancin’ to the jailhouse rock. We finished (the working week, at least for many of us) rock with this popurrí where to find to the Elvis USB toy. Well, they don’t call it Elvis for a licence but the Rock Star issue, but now we understand.

Connected to the USB port, it is able to dance to the rhythm of the music that is playing on your computer and illuminate. The same style as the car ad Elvis snowman but in digital format (via Red Ferret).

Potpourri Elvis Bailon and Home Decoration 1

Come, all at the same time: You can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes..

And taking advantage of being weekend days dedicated to arrange a little house, let’s look at some articles related to decoration. For example, these curious invisible shelves offering you the effect that books remain stuck to the wall.

Potpourri Elvis Bailon and Home Decoration 2

The trick is that the book below is all that holds others and hides the structure of the shelf. It is capable of supporting up to ten books, provided that the below wall clock is hard cover, clear (via BoingBoing).

Potpourri Elvis Bailon and Home Decoration 3

And just with the Qube lamp, with a lovely design in the form of cube, with 124 lenses that reflect light from the bulb creating a nice effect. Having had to buy a few lights lately, I can say that its price, $ 68, is no exaggeration (via ScifiTech).

In the end, good weekend to all.