Samsung Shows Home Decor Curved TV Sets

In Home Decor, as well as the impressive facilities that we see every day, things happen every day. Yesterday, Samsung showed their curved SUHD JS9000 televisions before the mainstream media in the interior design sector and decoration, and Decoesfera was there to learn about these TVs a bit closer.

The presentation of these TVs was as special as the space frame Samsung SUHD Winter Garden, and how it could be otherwise, during the presentation Guille García-Hoz, architect of this particular oasis, told how the Assembly of this exciting area of Casa Decor had developed.

Samsung Shows Home Decor Curved TV Sets 3

But in addition to the presentation of space by Guille, media could see first hand the features of this TV with a stylish curved design which offers a immersive experience an image quality with extremely good, thanks to technology based on nano crystals and the backlight by blue LED, with an expression of 64 times higher than conventional TVs color.

Samsung Shows Home Decor Curved TV Sets 2

Next to the curved televisions, Samsung also introduced a new curve sound bar HW-J8501 which allows to improve the experience of cinema at home thanks to its 350-W power and 9.1 stereo sound channels, one Multiroom 360 speaker in two different sizes, which as you can see in the pictures, have a modern and avant-garde design for home including kitchen that allows you to integrate wall clocks without problems in the decoration of our homes.

Samsung Shows Home Decor Curved TV Sets 1

These speakers use the Ring Radiator technology, and it is capable of distributing the sound in 360 degrees, filling the entire room with surround sound. In addition, and this is the best, these speakers can be controlled with mobile phone or tablet to choose the music lists that want to than they do, and can sound a melody in a speaker that you have in a room, and another melody on the other speaker installed in another room, also including other devices connected to the same wireless network like the TV or sound bar.