Secrets of Inspiration and Future Bets at Home Decor

We continue filling us with inspiration and discovering a lot of innovations of some of the firms more dropouts in decoration through Home Decor. This year 2015, for the first time, BriCor, a chain of DIY of the Group The Corte Ingles participates in Home Decor through various actions carried out at the same venue of the event.

You may not know it but in this edition of 2015 BriCor has done all the work of painting within the grounds of the exhibition. And in addition he has also collaborated in the execution of the works in the joint surfaces and several of the facilities with different decorators. But the most eye-catching is probably the Japanese-inspired interior courtyard, created by Bricor Home Decor on whose presentation the firm talked about some very interesting news.

Secrets of Inspiration and Future Bets at Home Decor 1

The inner courtyard of the Casa Decor this year building, It has proved to be an ideal urban space for the creation of a dry garden inspired by what is traditionally known in Japan as KARENSASUI, used by the Japanese Zen monks as a place of meditation and therapeutic purposes.

The sand garden, which you can see in the photo, this article, represents the sea, the rocks stand out as islands of beautiful forms and in turning to wall clocks as modern décor, the water ripples are styled raking rings on the sand. The KARENSASUI embodies a scene, a microcosm in itself, created in order to be regarded, both from a terrace a superior gateway, but not to be stepped on. No one walks by him, only provided.

Secrets of Inspiration and Future Bets at Home Decor 2

The dry garden at home Decor idea is an aesthetic but also conceptual proposal, in harmony with the environment and in absolute accordance with the values of the institution that sponsors it: Juegaterapia. Highlights throughout the by way of IKEBANA flower arrangement placed on a pedestal. Wall five meters high, which acts as a backdrop, is covered with a structure of mirror, wood and paper that dialogues with the garden and emphasizes its simplicity of the same.

And you’ll be wondering What has this to do with BriCor. Well actually more than imagine, because cas all materials used are sustainable and perennial duration, in the garden follows a technique of saving water, Garden need little attention and it is even easy to disassemble and move to other areas and this makes it versatile, adaptable and persistent, features that are in perfect agreement with the philosophy of Bricor.

So with this bet so surprising and striking in Home Decor, BriCor wants us to remember that its proposals are in harmony and balance with the environment. In addition all products of this garden are available in more than fifty BriCor centers of our country.

Secrets of Inspiration and Future Bets at Home Decor 3

But we have also discovered, at least I confess that I did not know it, that BriCor not only sells furniture and everything else we need to DIY DIY, but it also organizes us reform. In fact the budget can be requested online and everything goes with the same funding and the guarantees normally offered by The Corte Inglés. Something that found me really interesting and to take into account the next time that making works.