The Carton Also Finds Its Place in Home Decor

Many are the interior design and furniture manufacturing materials that are represented in the 50th Edition of Casa Decor and the carton could not miss. A material that has become an important gap in the sector in recent years and that increasingly demonstrates that it is suitable for further use in spaces of all kinds.

The Carton Also Finds Its Place in Home Decor 1

In particular The Cardboard Furniture in Casa Decor Madrid 2015 carton, It has found its place in the form of a curious structure, on the roof of one of the spaces in the AVP to be exact. AVP unveiled at the exhibition furniture of copyright through the development of the space HOME OFFICE designed by architect Pedro Feduchi.

The Carton Also Finds Its Place in Home Decor 2

HOME OFFICE is a space that proposes a new concept of connected home life: work, leisure, shopping and information, all made from our computer and this deserves a place new is our home. In the design of HOME OFFICE you can see several of the most outstanding pieces of AVP: Tray, designed by Pedro Feduchi, table the table Gravity designed by Roberto Ortiz de Landázuri, elmueble auxiliary Siamoo, of Bernargo Angelini and David Casino, lamps Mamet, Pablo Carballal, lamp, Mariano Martín lamp or the hanger head Joachim Kraft Arboreum.

The Carton Also Finds Its Place in Home Decor 3

But in addition the space has counted with the collaboration of other professionals and companies that share the interest in functionality, detail and aesthetics with AVP and these include The Cardboard Furniture that has put the cardboard on the roof, sharing limelight with other decor pieces of wall clocks from there.