Viteri/LapeñA Space Home Decor

We love spring for many reasons, one because good weather, again because everything is filled with flowers, also because less need for vacation and to decoration level because we know that less need for opening doors of Casa Decor Madrid. Gradually we will know the details of some of the spaces that we find in this edition.

For example, we already know that the study of Spanish interior design Insurancejust will participate in Wall Clock Madrid 2016 and you already have your space chosen in the Palace Atoche 34 House, headquarters of this edition. In this way, the creativity of Elena Lapeña and Aitor Viteri will have, for the second time in his career, a showcase in this major exhibition of Interior design that everyone we love.

ViteriLapeñA Space Home Decor 1

The Studio is already working on what will be, in the words of the architects, a space elegant, sophisticated and with personality, following this way philosophy which Viteri/Lapeña is succeeding with their housing projects and commercial.

ViteriLapeñA Space Home Decor 2

I don’t know if you remember, but by 2015 the U.S. Art Decó was the main source of inspiration for ‘Evoke’, space which correspond to the images in this article, because this year still not what we see… But we know that this time the end of 18th century French palaces will be the main aesthetic and artistic influence for the creation of this and seeing the nice thing was the previous, we look forward to meet you.

ViteriLapeñA Space Home Decor 3

What most liked Aitor Viteri and Elena Lapeña Headquarters Home Decor has chosen for the edition of this year have been the high ceilings, clearly 34th Atocha Palace home has much potential. They have also disclosed a secret and it is that in his space music will play a very special role… I bet the curiosity to discover what you already chop both as my. Looking forward to are already on May 19 to get to be able to see everything!!


Casa Decor 2016: The Best of Spanish Interior Design …

Casa Decor 2016: The Best of Spanish Interior Design ...