5 Must in Molivos

By | January 22, 2021

In Molivos, enjoyment of life is high on the agenda and since this is an ancient medieval village on one of Greece’s largest islands, there are many activities and sights to explore. Around Molivos there are wonderful hiking trails and beaches and inside the city you can enjoy good food, ouzo drinks and shopping in the many genuine alleys. Molivos is a mixture of simplicity with a characteristic charm that is ideal for both older people and romantic couples. Here are the 5 musts in Molivos.

Stroll along the shopping street

Even if you have not planned to shop very much, this sweet street must be looked at more closely. According to lawschoolsinusa, Molivo’s shopping streets are named the world’s 5th most cozy and beautiful street, so even if you’m broke, a walk here is a must. In the spring is the best time to stroll here as the wisteria colors the whole street in purple colors and in the summer these blue-purple tones turn into greenery and lushness that go hand in hand with the city’s captivating interior.

Go up to the castle

At the top of Molivos is the old 14th century castle Gattelusi which is now a well-preserved ruin. Up here it can take a while to walk because it is very steep, but in this way you also get some exercise. Once at the top, the view is magnificent and if you are lucky, you end up here one evening when an outdoor concert is held.

Visit the outdoor cinema Cinema Arion

If you think that film gets better under the open sky with a glass of wine in your hand or an ice cream in your mouth, then you should take part in Cinema Arion, which broadcasts outdoor cinema during the summers in Molivos. In one of the parks just opposite the taxi station, you set up a large number of chairs and stretch a giant cinema screen and in the background you can see Gattelusi Castle lit up in the evening sun. Most movies are in English so you do not have to worry about not speaking Greek.

Take the original mini train

Village Train, as it is also called in Greece, can take travelers between the towns of Molivos and Petra. Instead of a harmless hop on / hop off bus, there is this fun train that makes the sight-seeing trip a little more unique. The train, which runs in the Greek colors white and blue, stops at places of interest such as the castle, the harbor and the Church of the Virgin Mary in Petra. It also takes you all the way to the beaches. In total, it stops at 8 places and you choose when you want to get off. Perfect for those who do not feel like walking all the way up to the castle.

Hike along the trails

When you have had enough (if you can get it now) of the cobblestone streets and want to go on a little exploration, the trekking trails are not far away. Put on your walking shoes and join a guided tour. You can also choose to get around in the terrain on your own. If you want, you can also rent a horse or a donkey and ride under the green olive trees along the paths. In the tourist information or at the hotels you can get more information about the trails you are curious about and get access to a map as many new trails are still being noticed today. As the village of Petra is not far away, you can also take the opportunity to do a little hiking in the relatively low mountains around the village. Be sure to beware of the very poisonous snake ottoman viper, wherever you set your feet!

5 must in Molivos