5 Must in Nicosia

By | February 2, 2021

If you are thinking of visiting the capital of Cyprus Nicosia, there is a whole host of attractions. Above all, the city is packed with museums, art galleries, churches and cathedrals. Tourists usually flock around the old town, where many attractions are gathered in a fairly small area. Walking around there is an absolute must because of all the historic buildings and overall it is a very fascinating architecture. In close proximity there is also a wide range of shops, cafes and restaurants. Here is more information on five attractions you do not want to miss.

Archaeological Museum of Cyprus

According to top-medical-schools, a museum with over 130 years on its neck that displays finds that have emerged during all the countless archaeological excavations carried out on the island. The gates were opened as early as 1882 when Cyprus was still occupied by the British. Locally it is called Kypriako Mouseio and it is located on Mouseio Street in Nicosia. The museum has been expanded several times but never seems to be big enough for all the historical objects and interesting exhibitions. Visiting the Archaeological Museum of Cyprus is an absolute must and the low entrance fee is nothing compared to all the invaluable historical treasures that can be viewed on the large premises.

AG Leventis Gallery

Just outside the Old Town is an art gallery beyond the ordinary. It shows European art from the 16th century to the 20th century. Among other things, there is a collection of French greats such as Chagall, Monet and Renoir, as well as Greek art from both ancient and more modern artists. There are also works by Cypriot artists such as the infamous Adamantios Diamantis. The fact that the gallery can offer such magnificent art is due to the now deceased Cypriot businessman Anastosios G Leventis, who after his death ensured the formation of a charity fund, which in turn has ensured that both Cyprus residents and visitors from all over the world can take part. of these masterpieces.


In Nicosia there is an old city center which is completely surrounded by the Venetian city walls. Only three gates to the south, east and north allowed people to get in and out. One of these gates, called the Famagusta Gate (also known as Porta Giuliana) has been restored to its original condition. Nicosia’s cultural center is also quite close to the gate. There are also numerous performances, exhibitions and conferences in the area. Another nice bonus of visiting the Famagusta Gate is that it happens to be located in some of Nicosia’s most beautiful neighborhoods, which have also been restored with the help of an ambitious renovation project.

Byzantine Museum

The Nicosia Byzantine Museum is located near St. John’s Cathedral and consists of about 1500 years of Byzantine cultural treasures such as art and historical finds. Some of the material was stolen, but Cyprus has managed to get back many of the invaluable items and is now making sure that they benefit the public. The Byzantine Museum is well worth a visit and is also close to several other sights such as churches and cathedrals.

Nicosias Stadsteater

Serves as the main stage for the Cyprus Theater Company and is located along Mouseio Street where several of Nicosia’s best museums are located. The country has a proud tradition of theater. The theater building itself is constructed in a neoclassical style and on the stage there are usually theater performances of the highest class. The building is also used for other types of events such as concerts and dance performances.

5 must in Nicosia