5 Must in Pythagorion

By | January 27, 2021

The hometown of the mathematician Pythagoras, Pythagorion is one of Samo’s most important cities, even one of Greece’s most important cities. Here is one of the world’s oldest ports and a number of interesting sights and activities can be booked or done when you come here. Sure, Pythagorion is now known as a vacation paradise but it would be a shame to limit yourself to the beaches when there is so much more to explore. Here you can read about 5 things that you are advised to do if you are lucky enough to travel here.

Panagia Spiliani – the temple in the mountain

Even if you may not be very religious, an excursion to this unique monastery is a must. On the mountain behind Pythagorion you can visit a small but charming monastery whose chapel is tucked inside a cave. It is very cooling during hot days. According to ejiaxing, the whole monastery is extremely sweet and you have to bend down so as not to hit your head. On the outside, the belfry is worth a photograph, not to mention the view of the whole of Pythagorion and parts of the city of Samos. From the center you can walk up here. It is about 2 km here, but if you prefer to take the car, there is free parking right next to the monastery.

Take a master photograph with Pythagoras in the background

Okay, you may not be as good a mathematician as Pythagoras, but it may still be worth taking a picture of him and himself by trudging down to the old harbor and standing next to the statue. This may not be the most fun of the trip but still a must for anyone who has been lucky enough to follow in Pythagoras’ footsteps. That moment should be immortalized forever, right?

Admire the Archaeological Museum

If you like archeology and history, you should go to the Archaeological Museum. Admission costs 4 euros and inside you will be rewarded with statues, artifacts and archeological finds. The outside is also interesting, as there are a lot of excavations there that can be viewed from the footbridge. The museum is not that big and it does not take very long to go through all the parts, but since you are in the city of the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, this museum should also be seen, because much comes from his era.

Look at Samos’ most famous attraction – the temple in honor of the goddess Hera

Heraion is a temple established for the goddess Hera and is located about 4 km west of Pythagorion. For those who are not a fan of Greek mythology, Hera was married to the god Zeus, who was also her brother. The temple was built in the ninth century BC. and was replaced 300 years later by an even more stately specimen. Nowadays, only ruins remain and the once 100 pillars have seen better days. In any case, it is worth visiting this ancient temple which is today listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Massage at Relax

Why not indulge in a little luxury when you are on holiday and have gone through all the sights? On Pythagorion’s main street is a well-organized and good spa that provides massage for a very cheap price. A nice gift you can give yourself, as your legs are probably tired of everything running up and down the mountain and after all the hikes that many come here for. They also give couples massages, so bring your girlfriend and enjoy, both of you!

5 musts in Pythagorion