5 Must When in Petra, Lesbos

By | January 21, 2021

Molivo’s neighboring village of Petra is definitely worth a stop on the way if you spend time on Lesbos. If you have not designated this village as your capital during the trip, you should at least stop here to explore what the city has to offer. Between Molivos and Petra there is a daily mini train that also serves as a sightseeing tour for curious souls. Whether it’s tours or sights in the city, you are guaranteed not to get bored in Petra. Here you can read about 5 must-haves that should be done during a stay on Lesbos.

A visit to Panagia Glykofilousa

In Petra is the 18th century church Panagia Glykofilousa with its white walls and its beautiful views. According to itypemba, this church is located on the central mountain in the middle of the village and is a must if you have traveled to Petra. The church is located in the oldest districts and to get up you have to take the 140 steps. Inside the building there are several interesting details to rest your eyes on and regardless of which direction you look at, the view is phenomenal. The story behind it is both tragic and romantic. The church was built by a sailor who lost his wife at sea and he established this church to see if she would possibly return.

Walk past Vareltzidaina’s House

If you want a little more history lessons on your trip in Petra, lan should go past the original Vareltzidaina’s House which is located in the center. This special house is hard to miss as it is a wooden extension on the outside of the stone facades. Admission costs 2 euros and inside you can look at old paintings. This house is actually an old farm that belonged to a businessman in the 19th century, and has now been restored into a museum. One can thus discover how the Greeks lived here over 200 years ago.

Rent a donkey at Michelis ├ůsnefarm

Jajamensan, you can ride a stubborn donkey along the excellent paths if you want. Donkeys are strong animals with a headstrong personality, but they like to show one around the surroundings. Remember that the saddles are made of wood, so you do best to bring a towel or blanket to soften the pad with. Then just head out into the mountains. A fun experience for both children and adults.

Rent a boat and go fishing

In both Molivos and Petra, it is possible to rent a small fishing boat and try your luck at sea. The boats can be rented at the beaches or at the harbor and are much appreciated. If you do not want to fish, you can join a boat trip with a guide who shows travelers around to various caves, nature reserves and hidden coves. As Petra has a view of Turkey from the beach, a boat trip can be extra fun as you can see the country up close at sea.

Rent a car and discover the surroundings

Around Petra are a number of unknown beaches and coves. The beach in Petra is Lesbos most famous but it is also very crowded so when you want to get away from all the hustle and bustle, you can aim for the hidden gems. About three quarters of an hour from Petra you will find several fantastic beaches and resorts that are almost exclusively visited by locals and a few tourists. Kagia Beach, the small port village of Skala Sikaminias and the beaches of Anaxo are all very close to Petra.

5 must when in Petra, Lesbos