5 Things to Do on Fuertaventura

By | January 4, 2021

Fuerteventura dances at a completely different pace than the rest of Spain and also the rest of the Canary Islands. With its moon-like landscape and face facing the continent of Africa, this small island holds several continents at once. Sand dunes, red, rugged mountains, dormant volcanoes and Spanish scents and villages exist side by side and as icing on the cake, there are beaches along the entire coastal strip that contribute with turquoise blue water and chalk-white sand. Read about five must-haves on the volcanic island of Fuerteventura.

Climb up Montana de Tindaya

According to a2zdirectory, the island’s oldest volcano should be respected, but that does not stop you from taking the bull by the horns and climbing on it. The mountain that has been dormant for a long time is the oldest in the Canary Islands and also sacred to the indigenous people. Once you have managed to get to the top, a view awaits that makes you look all the way over to Lanzarote – the neighboring island. You may not have mobile coverage up in the air, but the phone will probably still be used, thanks to all the photos you will take.

Return to old memories in the ancient capital Betancuria

Until 1834, Betancuria was the island’s capital, but now it is Puerto del Rosario that has taken over that role. Betancuria got its name from the Norman conqueror Jean de B├ęthencourt in the 15th century and today it is well worth a stop. Old buildings and cobbled streets still stand, like the old charming 17th century church and once inside the city you can taste goat stew or see the sweet buildings as small pieces of sugar with the mountains in the background. If you do not like to visit villages but still want to see one, then it is Betancuria you should go to!

Swim at the beaches at Corralejo

On the northern part of the island is the famous fishing village of Corralejo which is famous for its beaches and although many of Fuerteventura’s 150 beaches are deserted and wild, there is also a charm with the well-visited. Sugar-like sand that feels as good as it looks, sand dunes as in the Sahara and lagoons where the clear blue water invites to cool are typical of Corralejo. On the beach Las Dunas which is a little further away, you can be even more secluded and enjoy the tranquility. It really feels like you are one step closer to the Caribbean and it is always possible to be alone.

Go to the market in Lajares

Just a ten minute drive or bus ride from Corralejo, lies Lajares – a village mixed with Spanish culture and surfers who once came here for the waves and then decided to stay. It is a very international village nowadays where the hippie feeling occurs every day of the year. Many of the surfers make a living by starting their own business and thus you can visit their small shops and speak all sorts of languages. On Saturdays, the village lights up even more with its multifaceted market that you should not miss when you are on Fuerteventura.

Buy with cheeses from the dairies

Cheese and wine are what you mainly fill your palate with in Fuerteventura and there are lots of cheeses to visit between the beaches. If you rent a car, you can stay in several pieces from north to south. The wines should also be enjoyed as there are so many different types due to the island’s drastic height differences and different microclimates. The Majorero cheese is the one that mainly characterizes Fuerteventura and also the entire Canary Islands.

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