A Good Idea: Cans Retro Converted in Fridge Magnets with Storage

There are containers that carry what you carry inside, are irresistible. Contrary to the custom of renew designs every so often to give a touch of modernity, there are houses that keep his image over time as unmistakable hallmark.

Some are true collector’s items that already are not edited, but others can see them on the shelves of supermarkets or specialty stores. Long time I have exposed in my kitchen, framed, a small Tin of mustard and a jar of caviar (a friend traveler gift) and keep some more with that in the future I hope to do more things.

One of the ideas that I cherish is create a few refrigerator magnets similar to the retro cans turned into storage fridge magnets that you see in the image, which in addition to decorate serve to keep small objects of common use inside, such as pens, small blocks of notes, rubber bands, pins, etc. With them the doors of refrigerators will have another aspect and a convenience feature extra, in addition to functioning as collector spotlight.

The process is very easy. Select the cans that we like and we make sure that the inside is well clean and dry. We clean all remaining grease with alcohol-based cleaner and a cloth Microfiber or paper, carefully not to damage the surface. Choose a magnet (on sale at hardware stores and craft stores) and paste it on the less attractive face with a contact adhesive. We expect a reasonable time so that it is securely adhered and place the collection at our whim, either in the refrigerator door or a magnetic panel. We are sure that it ends up being the object of desire for more than one.