A Good Idea: Plates Laminated Plaster Smaller

There is no doubt that the laminated plaster boards an interesting alternative to the traditional partition, are especially in the small work from Home DIY for your convenience of provisioning and ease of placement. The only downside we could put them so far was that the usual measures, 1200 × 2500 mm, made them a pogo steep to handle, both when it comes to take them in the car and upload them to the stairs or the elevator.

Fortunately that has since been solved with the new BA13 plates of Placo, manufactured in special widths 600 and 900 mm. This way its management is going to be much simpler, both in own transport and Assembly as vertical teachers are placed every 60cm reference is easier.

That Yes, the new plates, which are manufactured with a length of 2000 or 250mm, are available only for now in 12, 5mm. thick, so if you are looking for your wall or your wall covering you occupy the minimum space you will have to continue using the traditional. I’m already me thinking by the new test for a side of wardrobe I want to do, I will tell you.