A Simple Way of Doing Drawings in Easter Eggs with Dye

Sure some of you are taking several days seeing photos of beautiful Easter eggs and you like to decorate some for your House, but you are afraid to be wrong, because not to give you well the painting. Actually you don’t need to be skilled with the brush to paint the eggs with color, there are simpler alternatives.

A good choice is the used dye that can be used to dye the flowers and stickers in the shape of the drawings that we want to illustrate. We can buy coloring of several tones, Obviously with various shades of Easter eggs will be more cheerful, but if the monochromatic going also we can make the decoration with a single color.

In the image above you have the detail of the materials we need for this project. Coloring, eggs, the stickers with decorative forms and vessels that immerse the eggs into dye to make the tonality of our choice. Vinegar can help to achieve better color and we need napkins or paper towels to clean up everything. Vessels that lay the eggs are optional.

The idea is to stick the stickers in the eggs and immerse in coloring for its entire surface except the area where is the sticker is Tinea. Then withdraw the sticker and this is how the drawing will be another color, or from the egg, or well than one with which have dyed it full previously. It is so easy that children can do it with us, the most fun of this decorative type of projects is to make them in family.