A Table for The Terrace, Another Idea with Clay Pots

I confess that I have this idea of Katie Steumable stored for several months, almost since I did the compilation of things that could be done with clay pots. And is that with the cold it gave me a tremendous laziness to write about outdoors, until today, that it has stopped raining, it has left the Sun and brands are already talking non-stop from their spring collections.

Well here we go, it’s making a side table for terrace, perfect to place next to our daybed, enjoy the most temperate days and pass take advantage a couple of pots of mud that I have out there abandoned.

As you can see the way it is indifferent, may be common either round taper, science is in join them at the base and look after a tray that is the same diameter of the mouth, to fit into it and which serves as the envelope of our brand new bedside table.

The variations they are endless, paint one or another color, paste pots, or let them loose for reuse, trays of different materials to fit in various styles… Leave it to your imagination, but that Yes, if you already know, tell us about it here.