A Very Warm Room and Ni Te Find out of The Storm

It seems that the Gulf stream has brought to our lares the storm of wind, cold and rain that hit the United States last week. Although we won’t get to the C – 65 Minnesota, it seems that if we are going to be in the living room, either with friends or with the family and that we must consider a warm and welcoming lounge.In my next House, I’m going to have fireplace, either real or toy, but I think there is nothing more welcoming in a salon or quarter living than a fireplace in winter. In addition it should be bright. Winter has little light and must take advantage of it. I am not only referring to the natural light, the ambient lights are essential in a very warm room decoration.

Since I met the LED technology I am very fan (as they say on twitter) and the Philips ambient lights I love, especially make the times of candles (they are safer for households with bajitos crazies who insist on singing happy birthday and blowing, whenever they see a lighted candle).

Fundamental to the use of some nice lounge upholstery loving. It will come the moment of linen or cotton fresh pillowcases. Time asks us upholstered in Velvet(such as those who taught us in collections by Gastón y Daniela, hitherto unthinkable upholstery colors) or thick corduroy. Tweed and tartan are trendy, but remember that primarily the tartan is very marked and you can end up crazy. As usual I I prefer to put the excesses in cushions. You can choose plain or patterns that already goes on tastes.

Carpets are an important part. There is nothing better than lying on a rug playing with dwarves or some good cushions by the fireplace with a book and a cup of tea. The coffee table It must also be carefully chosen. The size must be adapted to the space and has separated from the sofa and armchairs a minimum of 30 cm and a maximum of 60cm, so it is comfortable to let the Cup or Peck.

It is important do not overburden the huge furniture salon or thousands of tables packed with bibelots (can’t find a better word to describe all those small ornaments, that make us lose precious time cleaning dust and are recurring in homes of grandparents or great-grandparents). Best few frills and choice to create a harmonious environment and not the feeling of being in a bazaar.

A console or table with photos that personalize and plants or vases with flowers and don’t want to leave the House. How you describe a very warm room?