Afghanistan Basic Information

By | November 9, 2022
Basic data
Capital Kabul
Population 40,000,000
Language ok pashto
Religion Islam
State system islamic republic
Head of State Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai
Head of government Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai
Currency name Afghan (AFN)
Time shift +2:30
Nominal GDP (billion USD) 19.7
Economic growth (%) 1.5
Inflation (%) 5.6
Unemployment (%) 11,16

According to A2zdirectory, Afghanistan is a landlocked country in Asia, most of which is occupied by a mountain massif. In terms of political organization, it is a presidential Islamic republic with a bicameral parliament. Citizens are governed by the laws issued by the legislature, but also by the principles of Islamic and customary law. The Afghan economy is small and underdeveloped with significant potential for development, especially in the mining and processing sector, which is still underdeveloped, mainly due to persistent political-security instability and a lack of infrastructure.

The private sector does not yet have a dominant position in the Afghan economy, so either direct cooperation with it or involvement in government incentives represent an interesting potential for economic development in a number of sectors, especially in building the transport network and infrastructure, energy, and waste treatment.

Due to the extraction of globally significant reserves of local mineral wealth, Afghan business companies and state institutions demand supplies of engineering equipment and technological units of the mining and metallurgical industry. The focus of economic recovery and investment opportunities is concentrated primarily in the area of ​​the capital city and its immediate surroundings. Entry into the Afghan market can be significantly facilitated by the patronage of an official institution (embassy, ​​chamber of commerce, or relevant department), as local economic relations are characterized by a culture of personal and institutional ties. The end of the international military presence on 11 September 2021 is expected to hit the small service sector and the jobs linked to it for the past two decades the most.

Practical telephone numbers (emergency services, police, firemen, information lines, etc.)

They are not introduced. The landline phone network only works in some provinces, the most reliable means of connection is a satellite phone.

If necessary, you can contact ZÚ Kabul:

  • during working hours (Sun-Thurs 08:00-16:30) on phone number +93/798417418 (secretariat)
  • in case of emergency (24/7) on phone number +93/793486577 (emergency line)

Important web links and contacts

  • Central Bank –
  • Ministry of Mines –
  • Ministry of Energy and Water –
  • Ministry of Finance –
  • Ministry of Economy –
  • Ministry of Defense –
  • Ministry of Industry and Trade –
  • Ministry of the Interior –
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs –
  • Ministry of Agriculture –
  • Pajhwok Afghan News –
  • Chamber of Industry and Commerce –
  • National Security Council –
  • TOLO News –
  • Office of the Attorney General –
  • Office of the President – ​​
  • Central Acquisitions Authority –
  • Commercial Register and Intellectual Property Office –
  • Investment Promotion Authority –
  • Capital Metropolitan Area Development Authority –
  • Central Statistics Office –

Afghanistan Basic Information