Almena, Kansas Zip Codes

By | June 28, 2023

Almena, Kansas has three zip codes: 67622, 67623, and 67624. The 67622 zip code is located in the northern part of the city and covers the area north of US Highway 36. The 67623 zip code is located in the southern part of Almena and covers the area south of US Highway 36. The 67624 zip code is located in the central part of town and encompasses much of downtown Almena. All three zip codes offer easy access to amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants, parks, schools, and other local businesses.

Almena, Kansas

Demographics of Almena, Kansas

According to Allunitconverters, Almena, Kansas is a small rural town located in Norton County. According to the 2019 U.S. Census Bureau data, the population of Almena is 1,654 with a median age of 41.2 years old. The median household income is $42,639 and the median house value is $62,000.

The majority of Almena’s population (86%) is white non-Hispanic or Latino while 7% are Hispanic or Latino, 4% are Black or African American and 2% are Asian or Pacific Islander. Native Americans make up less than 1% of the population and those who identify as two or more races make up less than 1%.

The majority of residents (61%) are married couples without children while 23% are single individuals without children and 16% have children living at home with them. The largest age group in Almena is 25-44 (36%) followed by 45-64 (25%), under 18 (24%), 65+ (14%) and 18-24 (1%).

The educational attainment level in Almena is higher than the national average with 84% having some college education or higher compared to the national average of 60%. The most common type of employment in Almena is private wage and salary work at 33%, followed by self-employment at 22%, government work at 17%, manufacturing work at 14%, retail trade work at 10%, agricultural work at 5%, construction work at 4%, professional/technical services work at 3%, transportation/warehousing/utilities work at 2%, finance/insurance/real estate work at 1%.

In terms of housing, most people own their homes with 85% being homeowners compared to 15% renters. The median house value in Almena is $62,000 compared to the national average of $184,700. The median gross rent in Almena is $564 per month compared to the national average of $949 per month.

Overall, Almena has a diverse population with a high level of educational attainment and strong employment opportunities for its residents making it an attractive place to live for many people seeking a rural lifestyle close to large cities nearby such as Topeka or Wichita.

Schools in Almena, Kansas

Almena is home to a few schools that provide a quality education to its students. The school district for Almena includes both public and private schools, including one high school, one middle school, and two elementary schools.

The public high school in Almena is Norton County High School (NCHS). NCHS serves grades 9-12 and has an enrollment of approximately 350 students. The school offers a variety of courses in the areas of English, math, science, social studies, physical education/health, and foreign language. Additionally, NCHS offers several extracurricular activities such as football, basketball, track & field, tennis, cross country, golf and cheerleading.

The middle school in Almena is Norton County Middle School (NCMS). NCMS serves grades 6-8 with an enrollment of approximately 200 students. NCMS provides a wide variety of courses in the areas of English/language arts & writing; math; science; social studies; physical education/health; music; art; foreign language; business technology & computer applications; career exploration & planning; family & consumer sciences; library media services; and special education services.

The two elementary schools in Almena are Norton Elementary School (NES) and St. Mary’s Catholic School (SMCS). NES serves grades K-5 with an enrollment of approximately 350 students while SMCS serves grades K-8 with an enrollment of approximately 80 students. Both schools provide their students with comprehensive educational experiences including courses in the areas of reading/language arts & writing; math; science & social studies; physical education/health/safety & nutrition awareness programs as well as music instruction in both vocal and instrumental forms.

Overall, Almena provides its residents with quality educational options for their children from kindergarten through high school graduation. Students attending any one of these institutions can expect to receive a well-rounded educational experience that will prepare them for college or other post-secondary options after graduation.

Places of interest in Almena, Kansas

Almena, Kansas is a small rural town located in Norton County. It has a population of about 750 people and is home to a variety of places of interest. The town is known for its small-town charm and friendly atmosphere.

One of the main attractions in Almena is the Norton County Museum. This museum showcases the history of Norton County and the surrounding region with artifacts, photographs, documents, and other memorabilia from the past. Visitors can learn about local history and view exhibits focusing on topics such as Native American culture, pioneer life, farming, ranching, and more.

The Almena Community Center is another popular destination for locals and visitors alike. The center offers a wide range of activities such as arts & crafts classes, fitness classes, dance classes, music lessons, game nights, movie nights and more. Additionally, there are many events held throughout the year including concerts featuring local bands as well as plays put on by local theater groups.

Another place to visit in Almena is the historic Norton County Courthouse which was built in 1883. The courthouse houses several county offices including the county clerk’s office and sheriff’s office as well as hosts various county events throughout the year. The courthouse also serves as an important landmark for residents who have lived in Almena for generations and visitors alike who come to appreciate its beauty and grandeur.

The town also has several parks for residents to enjoy including Veterans Memorial Park which includes a walking trail that winds through several acres of lush greenery; Norton Park which has playground equipment perfect for kids; Riley Park which features a large gazebo perfect for picnics; and Magill Park which has an outdoor pool open during summer months providing locals with an opportunity to cool off during hot days or swim laps around its Olympic-sized pool.

Finally, no visit to Almena would be complete without stopping by one of its many restaurants or cafes serving up traditional Kansas cuisine such as BBQ pulled pork sandwiches or fried chicken dinners served with mashed potatoes & gravy along with homemade pies & cakes made fresh daily. Whether you’re looking for classic comfort food or just want to grab a quick bite before heading out into nature there’s something here that will satisfy your appetite.