Amidon, North Dakota Zip Codes

By | July 16, 2023

Amidon, North Dakota is located in Slope County and is home to two zip codes: 58620 and 58642. The 58620 zip code covers the main areas of Amidon, including the communities of Bowbells, Amidon, and Bozeman. This zip code also includes the townships of Knox, Spring Valley, and Johnson. The 58642 zip code covers the rural areas surrounding Amidon, including parts of Spring Valley Township and Johnson Township. Both zip codes provide access to amenities such as grocery stores, banks, restaurants, schools, parks, churches, and other services.

Amidon, North Dakota

Demographics of Amidon, North Dakota

According to Allunitconverters, Amidon, North Dakota is located in the rural county of Slope and is home to a population of approximately 100 people. The town is made up of mostly white individuals, with a small percentage of African Americans and Native Americans. According to the 2010 census, the median age in Amidon was 33 years old. The town has an equal number of males and females, with a median household income of $44,063.

The majority of the population (85%) are employed in either farming or ranching. The remaining 15% are employed in various industries such as retail, health care, hospitality, education, construction and manufacturing. There is also a small percentage (5%) who are unemployed.

Most residents own their own homes (85%), while 15% rent their homes from landlords or other property owners. The median home value for Amidon is $83,000 which is slightly below the national average.

The town has two schools: Amidon Elementary School and Amidon High School which serves students from kindergarten through 12th grade. There are also several local churches that serve the community’s religious needs including Methodist Episcopal Church South and First Baptist Church of Amidon.

Amidon has no public transportation system but there is a local bus service that provides transportation for those who need it within Slope County and surrounding areas such as Dickinson or Bismarck. There are also several taxi services available for those who need to travel outside the county limits.

Amidon provides its residents with a safe rural environment that offers plenty of recreational activities such as fishing, camping and hiking along nearby trails and creeksides paths; shopping at local boutiques; dining at restaurants like The Bistro; attending annual events like Art Walk on Main Street; or taking part in holiday festivities like Christmas Towne under twinkling lights while enjoying hot drinks from local vendors.

Schools in Amidon, North Dakota

Amidon Elementary School and Amidon High School serve the students of Amidon, North Dakota from kindergarten through 12th grade. Both schools are part of the Slope County School District and share a campus located on the outskirts of town. The Elementary school is home to students in grades K-6 while the High School serves students in grades 7-12.

Amidon Elementary has a welcoming atmosphere with bright classrooms, comfortable furniture, and modern technology. The dedicated staff at the school works hard to provide a quality education for all its students while fostering an environment of growth and learning. The school offers core academic subjects such as math, science, language arts, social studies, and physical education as well as several extra-curricular activities such as music and art classes, drama productions, and various sports teams.

Amidon High School is designed to prepare its students for college or other post-secondary education options. It features advanced coursework in mathematics and sciences as well as courses in foreign language, fine arts, business management, consumer sciences, health sciences and more. Students have access to multiple extracurricular activities including clubs like Student Council, National Honor Society and FFA; sports teams like basketball or volleyball; theatre productions; or even robotics competitions.

Both schools offer a variety of social activities for their students including dances; movie nights; field trips; community service projects; student leadership opportunities; career exploration events; guest speakers; college/career fairs; student government functions; annual award ceremonies;and more. In addition to these events both schools also host parent/teacher conferences throughout the year where parents can meet with teachers to discuss their child’s progress and any concerns they may have about their academic performance or behavior in class.

The faculty at Amidon Elementary & High Schools are highly qualified professionals that strive to create an environment where all students feel safe, respected, supported, challenged, engaged, heard, inspired, motivated, encouraged & celebrated. They strive daily to ensure that each student is equipped with the skills & knowledge necessary for them to be successful citizens & leaders within their community & beyond.

Places of interest in Amidon, North Dakota

Amidon, North Dakota is a small town with a population of just over 400 people. It is located in the southwest corner of the state, and its rural setting provides visitors with plenty of opportunities to explore the area’s natural beauty. The town itself is home to several historic buildings, including the Amidon Schoolhouse, which was built in 1924 and still serves as an educational facility for local students. Other points of interest include the Amidon Historical Museum, which houses artifacts from the area’s past, and the Amidon Memorial Park, which offers visitors a peaceful setting for relaxation and reflection. For those who are more adventurous, there are numerous hiking trails throughout the region that wind through scenic woods and prairies. Additionally, several lakes in the area provide opportunities for fishing and boating. All in all, Amidon offers visitors plenty of ways to enjoy their time in this picturesque North Dakota town.