Argentina Travel Advice

By | August 24, 2021

General travel information for Argentina

Continent: South America

Geographical location: southern South America, located in the southern hemisphere

Highest elevation: Aconcagua (6961 m above sea level)

Longest river: Río Colorado (1114 km)

Form of government: Federal Republic System of

Government: Presidential democracy

Languages: Spanish

Neighboring countries: Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay

Capital: Buenos Aires

Area: Approx. 2,780,500 km²

Residents: Approx. 44,700,000 people (2018)

Population density: 16.1 residents per km²

Religions: About 80% followers of Christianity (71% Catholics, 9% Protestants), 1% Muslims, minorities of Jews, about 10% non-denominational

Currency: Argentine Peso (ARS); 1 euro is approximately 71.5 ARS. Travel

Climate: Almost all climate zones are represented in Argentina

Time zone: UTC -3

Area code: +54

Country code: AR, ARG, 032

Electricity: In Argentina, the type C and I sockets are used. The mains voltage is 220V with a 50Hz change interval. External conductors (phase) and neutral conductors are connected in reverse compared to other countries.

Travel climate in Argentina

Argentina has almost all climatic zones in the world with the tropical regions in the extreme northeast, subtropical regions in the rest of the north and an extensive temperate climatic zone in the central part to the cold climatic regions in the south and the Andes.

The north-west of Argentina is dry in the Andes area with a short rainy season in summer. In it you will find the high desert Puna, whose west is one of the least rainy areas in the world, as well as the steppe-like, barren Monte at the foot of the Andes in the provinces of Mendoza, San Juan and La Rioja.

The eastern slopes of the Voranden are home to subtropical cloud forests in the provinces of Tucumán, Salta and Jujuy, which are very rainy in summer due to the rain from the wet east winds, but relatively dry in winter. To the east, the Gran Chaco joins in the central north, its rainfall is concentrated in the summer, the same applies to the region of the Sierras Pampeanas in central Argentina. In both regions, precipitation decreases towards the west.

The northeast and pampas are humid all year round, with the highest rainfall in the subtropical rainforest of the Misiones province.

The south (Patagonia) is in the west wind zone, which is why the western part receives more precipitation than the east. The Andes are constantly humid and cool in terms of temperature. They act as a barrier for the humid Pacific winds, so that the Patagonian plain to the east is very dry and semi-desert. In this region, the Pampero wind, which blows regularly every one to two weeks from the southwest, determines the climate.

A special case is the climate in the southern part of Tierra del Fuego with a cool oceanic climate, where, due to the lack of a climate divide in the Andes, both Pacific and Atlantic influences determine the weather. There the amounts of precipitation are relatively high and the temperatures show a relatively small difference between summer and winter.

Argentina Travel Advice

Culture and sights in Argentina

Perito Moreno Glacier: The glacier is the most beautiful of its kind on the entire continent and one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in South America. Since his tongue protrudes into the lake he feeds himself and divides it into two parts, a sensational spectacle of nature takes place every few years, in which the higher part of the lake pours into the lower part through an icefall.

Iguazú Waterfalls: The most impressive waterfalls in the world are located directly on the border with Brazil on the Iguazú River. At least 1,500 cubic meters of water (much more during rainy seasons) pour down here per second in 275 larger and smaller cases and over a length of more than two and a half kilometers.

Quebrada de Humahuaca: The thousands of mineral colors with which the stone canyon landscape of the Quebrada de Humahuaca captivates the viewer are a feast for the eyes. Further senses are stimulated by the smells and tastes of the traditional dishes that are mainly served here.

Fixed-date holidays in Argentina

January 1st New Year

April 2nd Day of the Fallen and Veterans

May 1st Labor Day May

25th Revolution Day

June 20th National Flag Day

July 09th Independence Day

August 20th Memorial Day General José de San Martin

August 08th Columbus – Day

November 26th National Sovereignty Day

December 8th, Mary’s Conception

December 24th Christmas Eve

December 25th Christmas

December 31st New Year’s Eve

Medical advice for Argentina

For legal reasons, we as a tour operator are not allowed to communicate any binding medical information for Argentina and therefore refer to the information provided by the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Robert Koch Institute and the German Society for Tropical Medicine and International Health

Travel advice for Argentina

You can obtain current travel and safety information, information on entering and leaving the country, as well as special criminal information and recommendations for your stay in Argentina from the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Foreign mission in Argentina

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Buenos Aires (There are other consulates general in Córdoba, El Calafate, Eldorado, Mendoza, Posadas, Salta, San Carlos de Bariloche, San Miguel de Tucumán, Ushuaia.)

Administrative district / consular district: Argentina

Place: Buenos Aires

Street address: Villanueva 1055, C1426BMC Buenos Aires

Postal address: Embajada de la República Federal de Alemania, Villanueva 1055, C1426BMC Buenos Aires, Argentina

Phone: +54 11 47 78 25 00

Fax: +54 11 47 78 25 50

Email: Contact form

Website: http: // Official languages

in the host country: Spanish

Embassy of the Argentine Republic in Berlin

(There are other honorary consulates in Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main and Bonn, among others)

Place: Berlin

Street address: Kleiststraße 23-26

Postal address: Kleiststraße 23-26, 10787 Berlin

Telephone: 030 22 66 89 0

Fax: 030 229 14 00

Email: [email protected]