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By | February 1, 2023

Zip codes in Arkansas range from 71601 in Texarkana to 72959 in Fort Smith. In between, there are several zip codes covering the entire state of Arkansas. In the northwest corner, there is 72756 in Springdale and 72762 in Fayetteville. Bentonville has two zip codes: 72712 and 72713. Moving south, Jonesboro has two zip codes as well: 72401 and 72404. Heading west, Little Rock has three zip codes: 72201, 72202, and 72204. Further south is Pine Bluff with two zip codes: 71601 and 71603. The eastern part of the state includes West Memphis’ zip code of 72301 and Forrest City’s zip code of 72335. The southeastern corner is home to 87058 El Dorado and 87060 Magnolia. Moving further south into central Arkansas are Hot Springs’ two zip codes of 71913 and 71901 as well as Conway’s 72032 and 72033 zip codes. Lastly, Fort Smith has two main zip codes—72903 for downtown areas and outlying neighborhoods like Chaffee Crossing while the more rural areas have a different code—72959 for Greenwood, Barling, Bonanza, Midland, Central City, Muldrow, Moffett, Dutch Mills, Natural Dam & Uniontown.

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List of Zip Codes in Arkansas by City

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The fifth largest city in Arkansas is North Little Rock, located in Pulaski County just across the Arkansas River from Little Rock. North Little Rock is home to a vibrant downtown area that is full of restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues. In addition to its lively downtown, North Little Rock also has many parks and recreational opportunities. The city also hosts an annual music festival called the Arkansas Music Festival that celebrates local music from all genres.

Fayetteville is the fourth largest city in Arkansas with a population of over 80,000 people. Fayetteville is known for its vibrant culture and diverse range of attractions including its thriving nightlife scene. The Dickson Street Entertainment District is one of the most popular areas for locals and visitors alike to explore with its array of restaurants, bars, and live music venues. Fayetteville also has a number of outdoor recreation opportunities such as hiking trails, mountain biking trails, and camping sites. The University of Arkansas campus offers plenty of educational opportunities for students as well as cultural events throughout the year.

Jonesboro is the third largest city in Arkansas with a population over 70,000 people. Jonesboro offers plenty of attractions ranging from museums to festivals to outdoor activities that make it one of the most popular cities in the state. One popular attraction in Jonesboro is Crowley’s Ridge State Park which features hiking trails along scenic bluffs overlooking Crowley’s Lake. Jonesboro also has numerous restaurants and entertainment venues located throughout the city including several movie theaters and bowling alleys for visitors to enjoy during their stay.

Fort Smith sits on the Oklahoma border just north of Arkansas River making it one of two cities on this list located directly on an interstate highway (I-40). Fort Smith boasts an impressive array of attractions including several historic sites such as Belle Point Park which was once a Civil War encampment site or Fort Smith National Historic Site which chronicles Native American history through artifacts found at various nearby locations like Fort Chaffee Military Reservation or Mount Magazine State Park where hikers can explore beautiful views atop Mount Magazine peak while exploring nature trails along bluffs overlooking valleys below.

75 Counties

Arkansas is located in the South Central region of the United States and is home to 75 counties. The state has a diverse geography, with the Ozark Mountains in the north and west, the Arkansas Delta in the east, and the Ouachita Mountains in the south. Arkansas is known for its abundant natural resources, including timber, petroleum, bauxite, and natural gas. Additionally, Arkansas is home to some of America’s most beautiful state parks including Hot Springs National Park and Blanchard Springs Caverns.

The largest county in Arkansas is Pulaski County with an estimated population of 391,500 people. Pulaski County includes Little Rock, which serves as both the state capital and largest city. Another major metropolitan area in Arkansas is Northwest Arkansas which includes Bentonville (Walmart’s headquarters) as well as Fayetteville (home to University of Arkansas). Other large counties include Washington County (population: 238,000), Sebastian County (population: 125,000), Craighead County (population: 103,000), Saline County (population: 107,000), Jefferson County (population: 77,000), Garland County (population: 96,000).

In addition to these larger counties there are many smaller counties throughout the state that provide a unique charm all their own. Randolph county for example has a population of 17 thousand people but features stunning views of Crowley’s Ridge State Park which provides a scenic backdrop for outdoor activities like hiking and camping. Similarly White county has an estimated population of 79 thousand people but also features Greers Ferry Lake which offers swimming beaches and popular fishing spots. Each county has something unique to offer visitors who are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience while exploring all that Arkansas has to offer!

Arkansas Zip Codes