Attractions in Macedonia

By | October 9, 2021

Macedonia – Sights

According to top-engineering-schools, Macedonia is a wonderful country with many interesting ones Attractions. So you should definitely see the lake and the city of Ohrind and the surrounding area. The Ohrindsee, on which the city of the same name was built, is located in a beautiful landscape with an almost untouched nature. The lake is impressive because the water is crystal clear. In the city you can visit the Cathedral of St. Sophie. It was built in the 10th century and has some beautiful frescoes inside from the same period in which the cathedral was built.
The lake, together with the city and the cathedral have been part of the for several years World Heritage of UNESCO.

But the church of St. Clement in Skopje is also worth a visit. It was also built in the tenth century. The locals also call you Panteleimon. The church is also known for its wonderful frescoes. It is also the largest Macedonian Orthodox church in the country.

The St. Nikita Monastery, built in 1370, is well worth a visit. The Mustafa Pasha Mosque from 1492 in Skopje is well worth a visit. It was built in honor of Mustafa Pasha, who was a world-famous visor of Sultan Selim I in the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

The Daut Pascha Hammam is absolutely impressive. The Turkish bath originated towards the end of the fifteenth century and is the largest Turkish bath in the entire Balkans.

The bridge in Skopje is also worth a detour. The old stone bridge dates from the sixth century and spans the Vardar.

The absolute highlight of the country is Skopsko Kale, a castle in Skopje that was built in the sixth century, the time of Justinian. Stones from the town of Scupi, which was destroyed by an earthquake in 518, were used for its construction.

You should also have seen the Kursumil An in Skopje. Kursumil An is an old caravanserai that was built around the sixteenth century.

The “Saat Kula” clock tower in Skopje is something special. The tower is the symbol of the city and something very rare for the area. The tower was built by the Ottomans towards the end of the sixteenth century. The tower is square in shape and thirty meters high. It is said that the watch is said to come from Hungary.

The Suli An is also worth seeing. Also an old caravanserai in Skopje. It dates from the beginning of the fifteenth century and was built by Ishak Bey. Today the old caravanserai is home to the Academy of the Coast, parts of the city museum and a gallery of contemporary art.

The Museum of Slavic Writing Culture in Skopje is also not to be missed. It is housed in an old eighteenth-century house built by the Turks.

The ruins of the ancient city of Heraclea are absolutely worth seeing. The ruins are near the town of Bitola, which is on the Greek border. The remains of the ancient city of Heraclea date from roughly the fourth century BC. It has not yet been possible to provide more detailed information, as excavations are currently taking place on site.

Nature lovers also get their money’s worth in Macedonia. You should definitely not miss Lake Prespa with the Prespa National Park. The lake is very rich in fossils and is very deep. The Prespa National Park is located around it. This park is one of the largest European nature reserves and is best known for its biodiversity. There are wonderful water, forest and mountain landscapes to be seen here. A true paradise for tourists interested in nature.

Macedonia – traveling in the country

Airplane: Domestic flights operate between Skopje and Ohrid. Onetrip however, taking the bus is significantly cheaper.

Rail: Macedonia has a limited route network over which only a limited number of towns can be reached by train. The approximately four-hour drive from Bitola via Prilep to Skopje is interesting. Timetables are available on the Macedonian Railway website.

Car / Rental: There are numerous rental car agencies in Skopje. In addition to large companies like Hertz, Avis and Sixt there are a large number of local providers. The choices in Ohrid and Bitola, on the other hand, are limited. All rental companies are listed in tourism brochures.
To rent a car in Macedonia you need a passport, a driver’s license and a credit card. The driver’s license should normally be valid for one year.

Bus: the Macedonian bus network is well developed and the buses are safe and relatively comfortable. There are regular connections from Skopje to all major centers. Bus tickets to Ohrid should be bought one day in advance during the summer months.

Taxis are a great way to get to monasteries and other sights off the bus routes. By European standards, Macedonian taxis are very inexpensive.

Bicycle: Cyclists expect good road conditions and relatively little traffic in Macedonia. However, inexperienced drivers should be aware that the Macedonian landscape is very mountainous.

Attractions in Macedonia