Attractions of Barbados

By | November 23, 2022

Barbados is a country in the Caribbean that consists of one island. The British have ruled Barbados for over three hundred years. This can still be seen in the language, some buildings and street names. A fairly large proportion of all tourists to Barbados are still British. These tourists mainly stay in the luxury hotel resorts that you will find on the white palm beaches. A celebrity born in Barbados is pop star Rihanna, who showed many influences from local music in Barbados on her debut album Music of the Sun. Check topmbadirectory for how to get to Barbados.

Top 10 Barbados Things to Do

#1. Harrison’s Cave Harrison’s Cave
is probably one of the greatest wonders of Barbados. The caves have an incredible beauty of limestone rock formations, stalagmites, stalactites and flowing streams. A large part of these caves can be visited by tram, where you get off in some places. The greatest height can be found in the ‘The Great Hall’. The heights here reach up to 100 meters. Don’t forget your camera.

#2. Parliament Building of Barbados
The fact that Barbados is also called ‘Little England’ is partly due to the English influences that you see in the various buildings in Bridgetown, for example. Here in the center is the beautiful parliament building with tower. It is one of the oldest buildings on the island. There is also a museum in the building.┬áCheck simplyyellowpages for mass media and culture of Barbados.

#3. Oistins
Close to Miami Beach in southern Barbados is the fishing resort of Oistins. On Friday and Saturday there are ‘Fish Fry’ markets where you can taste delicious (fish) dishes at various stalls. Local crafts such as making fishing nets are also shown. A little later in the evening the locals throw their hips loose and there is dancing and drinking.

#4. Miami Beach
In the south of Barbados, near the town of Oistins, there is a very beautiful stretch of beach. This is the Miami Beach beach of Barbados. This beach is also referred to as Enterprise Beach by some. Beautiful white sand and an azure blue sea surrounded by many green trees and colorful flowers. There are shops nearby and excursion boats moor there regularly.

#5. Welchman Hall Gully
Anyone looking for culture, nature and history should definitely not miss the Welchman Hall Gully nature park. Geologically, this park is connected to Harrison’s Cave. You will regularly be surprised by the stalactites and stalagmites that you can encounter during a walk. There is an educational center and there are several walking routes that can be walked with a guide.

#6. Animal Flower Cave
If you want to see the Atlantic Ocean from an exceptionally beautiful place, you should visit the Animal Flower Cave in northern Barbados. There is a special “pool room” in the cave through which you have a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean through a large rock opening. The sea cave is about six meters above the water and has very beautiful coral and sea anemones after which the cave is named.

#7. Saint Lawrence Gap
The vibrant evening and nightlife can be found south of Bridgetown on the coast between St. Lawrence Bay and Dover Beach. Here you will find the most amazing nightclubs, discotheques and good restaurants. Street parties are regularly held and Jazz artists play the stars of heaven. There is an open-air nightclub where, among other things, reggae and R&B take center stage.

#8. Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary
In an area with some 1100 ha of lakes and forests, this beautiful protected natural park of the island is located. This habitat for the various beautiful birds and other flora and fauna that like to stay in a swamp area is also very suitable for taking a walk. You will probably come across some flamingos, parrots or egrets.

#9. St Nicholas Abbey in the Parish of St Peter
Contrary to the name, St Nicholas Abbey is not a religious institution. This large mansion from 1660 houses a rum and sugar museum. The Jacobean house is furnished with antiques, some of which are approximately 350 years old. The steam mill and rum distillery are regularly put into operation and you can see how the process goes. Of course there is a souvenir shop where the products are for sale.

#10. St. James Parish Church
In western Barbados is the parish of St. James. This area is also called the playground of the rich. There are also beautiful and luxurious villas. In Holetown is the very beautiful historic St. James Church. Note the beautiful stained glass windows. The interior is also quite sober.

Attractions of Barbados