Beautiful Murals for the Children's Room

Beautiful Murals for the Children’s Room

Full of curiosity, the little ones discover the world, it can’t be too cheerful in their own realm. As an effective decoration, beautiful murals for the children’s room simply put you in a good mood, create a lively feel-good atmosphere and give the facility the finishing touch. In the mural portfolio we have put together colourful, creative and inspiring room artists for you. Canvas prints with cute animal motifs by Kristina Kvilis, glass prints with cute emojis, trendy colorful world maps as posters, Sisi & Seb Alu-Dibond pictures – you can find all of this in our wall picture gallery. Whether one-part or multi-part, round or hexagonal – absolutely charming children’s pictures invite you to exciting discovery tours. In our wide-ranging repertoire, we present you with wonderful designers who inspire girls and boys alike. If you are interested in wall decoration, you can visit PAULWALLCLOCKS.COM to find wall clock for kids online.

Fantastic children’s room pictures with great attention to detail

The walls in the children’s kingdom offer great potential to beautify them with fascinating pictures – be it the pink unicorn for the toddler, wild animals for jungle fans or distant galaxies for larger space explorers. Browse the murals shop through the category children’s room murals. Discover incredibly beautiful creations with cheerful colors and imaginative motifs that turn walls into turquoise seascapes, sparkling starry skies or magical fairytale worlds. But no matter whether acrylic glass pictures in soft green, canvas pictures in pastel pink or wooden pictures with the loveliest animal motifs from the farm: the varied collections have taken the wishes of the young residents to heart. In each category of our portfolio you will find dreamlike children’s room pictures that were made with great attention to detail. Let yourself be inspired by the colour, art form, theme or material in your selection of pictures in order to harmoniously complete your interior design with suitable decoration for the wall. By artist Kristina Kvilis Illustrated posters with cute yoga bears or chirping little birds ensure cheerful moments. Also take a look at Judith Loske’s lovely designs, such as multi-part wooden pictures with endearing scenes from the fairy tale Thumbelina. The older the offspring gets, the more the decoration wishes change. Teenage girls and boys like it stylish. Gold, silver and copper shimmering aluminum Dibond pictures with modern interpretations of world maps, elegantly faded initials or hip street art decor give the youth room a trendy touch. Glass pictures, hard foam pictures, canvas prints, wooden pictures to put on, self-adhesive wall prints – our repertoire for the children’s room includes wall decorations in all variations. What you can expect:

  • Highest quality standards
  • Precise processing
  • Fantastic selection of motifs, colors and materials
  • Hot trends

From super sweet to super cool – the wonderful world of children’s wall designs

With our diverse murals for children’s and babies’ rooms , you can embellish the room of your little rascal with amusing animal motifs, invite famous film characters or set up fast racing cars for the start. While the little ones are enchanted by cute alpacas, cute raccoons and cuddly rabbits, the older ones value modern decoration, such as abstract graphics or elegant metal looks. Immerse yourself in the murals gallery into the wonderful world of children’s wall designs. With little effort and our clever furnishing ideas, you can create cozy feel-good places in no time at all. Sugar-sweet decors meet bright colors, sometimes the motifs shimmer on exclusive Alu-Dibond pictures, sometimes mega-cool typographies come together with multi-part wooden hexagons. Round smiley glass pictures in fresh lemon yellow give your offspring a smile in the morning. Canvas prints in a colorful world map look take the kids on an exciting journey around the world. Kristina Kvili’s hippie foxes on posters are very popular, which offer numerous design options due to their high-contrast effect. With a high-resolution 3D effect, high color fastness and an elegant appearance, our decoration stars in the acrylic glass pictures section will captivate you. Motifs such as bright lollipops, giraffes on roller skates or hilarious Sheepworld sheep are particularly expressive on this medium. Whether on acrylic glass, wood, canvas or aluminum Dibond – with the favorite design of your gold treasure, walls can shine in a wonderfully inspiring way. You can easily match colour, format and size to the selected picture in our diverse children’s portfolio.

Posters, canvas pictures, glass pictures – imaginative artist motifs for the children’s paradise

Just like little explorers, our imaginative murals sparkle with creativity and ingenuity. Take a look at the varied motifs in the mural gallery, which are entirely dedicated to the design world of girls and boys. Space & stars, typography & text, insects & animals: All categories offer a wealth of designs that give children’s rooms a lively ambience. There is a suitable wall highlight for every interior, whether natural, Scandinavian, classic or modern. Our imaginative artist motifs for the children’s paradise are particularly in demand. With unique collections that are reflected in very different art styles. There are Kristina Kvili’s posters with beautifully illustrated animal motifs, acrylic glass pictures in the spacey Apollo 11 design by David Sparshott and canvas paintings with beauties from nature in bloom by Aurélie Blanz. The children’s murals section offers you a colorful potpourri of inspiration for a decoration with heart-warming charm. Wall decorations created especially for baby, children’s and playrooms by established artists come in color compositions for all ages. Cheeky polar bears cavort in polar blue landscapes, Mickey and Minnie Mouse appear in the trendy black and white combination, world maps with the countries and animals of the earth appear in colorful diversity. We have creatively interpreted children’s designs in our repertoire that combine art, harmony and a good mood – be it in strong fluorescent colors, soft pastel nuances or delicate natural tones. To make it easier for you to search for the right children’s room mural, you can activate different filters within the categories, which also allow multiple selection.

Fascinating murals for the children’s room

Whether it’s your favorite animal motifs on a poster, famous Disney characters on multi-part canvas print sets or flying hot air balloons on an elegantly shimmering aluminum Dibond picture – in our enchanting children’s editions you will find decorations to feel good and have fun. Discover fascinating children’s room murals that babies, toddlers, schoolchildren and teenagers love. Suitable for every age group, we have high-quality acrylic glass pictures, canvas prints, hard foam pictures, wood pictures and LED pictures in our portfolio, XXL murals and photo wallpapers provided. There are a variety of elements that express the style of a facility. With our enormous selection of motifs, formats, colours, materials and sizes, we are happy to help you to create a truly personal realm in Kinderland. Conjure up an atmosphere with a feel-good effect in the girl’s or boy’s room and ensure a happy mood. Fresh red provides energy, yellow exudes happiness, green awakens the desire to discover, blue has a relaxing effect. Domestic and exotic animals, eventful space journeys, exciting underwater worlds – the great creations from our mural gallery make children’s eyes light up. Are you looking for something special to give away? For Christmas, for a birthday or for starting school: With our wall artists you have found the perfect gift. Be inspired by the wide range of premium quality children’s room murals. There are children’s picture collections for all kinds of wishes all year round, and everyone can easily order their favorite work online.

Beautiful Murals for the Children's Room