Best Time to Visit Goa, India

By | May 24, 2022

The island of Goa consists of several villages, which differ from each other in the specifics of recreation and prices. It’s not exactly India. Central Goa is reminiscent of Europe, however, there is enough exotic here.

North and South are two parts of Goa. The northern part is considered more party-oriented – for outdoor activities. South – for the calm.

Lovers of yoga and relaxation come here. What is associated with this resort? Sun, sea, freedom and adventure.

Consider the most popular resorts here.

  • Arambol. If you want to listen to musicians, do yoga, watch clowns perform, or just feel the atmosphere of freedom, this is the place to be. Long beaches, clean sand, good access to the sea, inexpensive bungalows – all this characterizes this resort. There is almost no infrastructure, so you need to have fun trans-will go to other places.
  • Anjuna. This is the place where you can meet real hippies. The village is quite noisy. Parties are held from time to time. The bottom here is strewn with sharp stones, so the beach is not very suitable for swimming. Here is a unique market where you can buy any Indian souvenirs.
  • Morjim. This is the best place to stay with kids. It is not crowded here, a good beach, a smooth descent into the water. Prices are slightly higher than in other resorts in Goa.
  • Vagator. This is the center of North Goa. The atmosphere is homey and cozy. But there is also a minus – the beaches cannot boast of cleanliness, the water in the sea is muddy, and the bottom is rocky.
  • Palolem. Here is the best beach. Palm trees, clean sand, calm sea, pleasant audience are the main advantages of the resort. But there is one “but”: a large crowd of people on the local beach will not let you calmly bask in the sun.
  • Cola. A very beautiful place, a deserted beach, among the palm trees there is a beautiful fresh lake. There are many inexpensive restaurants and cafes here. You can taste different seafood dishes.

Roads in Goa are narrow. There is one feature – left-hand traffic. There are no traffic rules. You will be able to see a huge stream of motorcycles and scooters overtaking each other.

Until today, ancient traditions and customs have been preserved in this country. Tourists can visit many interesting places: the pristine beauty of the Cotigao Nature Reserve will delight you with its exotic nature and fauna. The picturesque Church of the Holy Spirit, the Pandava caves are historical monuments of the South. In North Goa, you will be amazed by the beauty of red water lilies, St. Catherine’s Cathedral, the highest waterfall in India – Dudhsagar.

When is the best time to go on vacation to Goa?

According to top-medical-schools, the best time to visit Goa is from October to April. Here the climate is tropical, hot, the air temperature reaches 30 degrees. On the coldest days – 20 degrees Celsius.

Goa is the most popular resort in India, a unique holiday destination. The choice of this particular resort is suitable for those who love informal recreation and all kinds of entertainment.

Goa, India