Bottega Veneta Home, Luxury for The Details Raised to The Nth Power

I imagine that all will know the exclusive Italian fashion firm Bottega Veneta, bags and suitcases are object of desire. But what many people don’t know is that they have a Home Division it impresses both as your designs.

The new products presented in the Salone del Mobile of Milan, its furniture and objects exude elegance and sophistication.

I like everything, marble, glass and wood tables, their comfortable imitating suitcases, crockery and glassware, the use of the Murano glass, sofas and lamps. Above all lamps.

Although I’ll have to work as a slave, I have fallen in love with your table lamp of braided leather, (this signature skin beautifully works well) and dark metal that makes it in the perfect male touch so my office doesn’t look of Barbie, with both shabby chic.

I leave you with the its news video, sure you will to love.

Do you think the? Bottega Veneta details for the House?