Caliente, Nevada Zip Codes

By | July 10, 2023

The zip codes for Caliente, Nevada are 89008 and 89018. Located in Lincoln County, Caliente is a rural town with a population of 1,130. It is home to the famous Caliente Hot Springs, which is one of the oldest hot springs in Nevada. The area offers plenty of outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and hiking. Visitors can also explore the nearby towns of Pioche and Panaca for more attractions. Additionally, there are several museums in the area including the Old Town Museum and Railroad Museum.

Caliente, Nevada

Demographics of Caliente, Nevada

According to Allunitconverters, Caliente, Nevada is a small rural town located in Lincoln County with a population of 1,130. The town is situated in the high desert of eastern Nevada and is known for its hot springs. The demographic makeup of Caliente is predominantly white with 91.7% of the population identifying as such. There are also significant percentages of Native Americans and Hispanics with 4.9% and 3.3%, respectively.

The median age in Caliente is 44 years old with the majority of the population between 25-44 years old (31%), followed by 45-64 (30%) and then those under 18 (22%). The median household income in Caliente is $51,250 and the median value for housing units is $135,400.

In terms of education, nearly half (48%) of the population have at least a high school diploma or higher while 27% have some college or an associate’s degree and 11% have achieved a bachelor’s degree or higher. In terms of employment, most people are employed in production occupations (18%), sales jobs (13%), and management occupations (10%). Additionally, there are significant numbers employed in food preparation/serving related occupations (8%) as well as office/administrative support roles (7%).

Caliente has a diverse demographic makeup that ranges from young to old, white to Hispanic and Native American to Asian American. Despite its small size it offers many opportunities for employment as well as plenty of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy such as fishing, camping and hiking.

Schools in Caliente, Nevada

Caliente, Nevada is served by the Lincoln County School District. The district oversees two elementary schools and one high school. Lincoln County Elementary School is located in Caliente and serves students from kindergarten to fifth grade. Pioche Elementary School also serves students from kindergarten to fifth grade and is located about ten miles away in the town of Pioche. Caliente High School is located in Caliente and serves students from grades 6-12.

The district is committed to providing a quality education for all students. Teachers are highly qualified with an average of 14 years of experience teaching in the district, and many have advanced degrees as well as special certifications such as National Board Certification or Gifted Endorsement. The district also offers a variety of extracurricular activities including athletics, clubs, music and art programs, as well as an after-school tutoring program for struggling students.

Caliente High School has a graduation rate of 91%, which is higher than the state average of 86%. Additionally, the school has earned a 5-star rating from the Nevada Department of Education for its commitment to student achievement and success. The school offers several Advanced Placement courses such as English Literature & Composition, US History, Calculus AB/BC, Physics 1 & 2 and Computer Science Principles.

The Lincoln County School District provides a quality education for its students in Caliente with highly qualified teachers and an emphasis on student success both inside and outside the classroom. With a commitment to excellence in academics as well as extracurricular activities, there are plenty of opportunities for students to learn and grow while attending school in Caliente Nevada.

Places of interest in Caliente, Nevada

Caliente, Nevada is a small town with plenty of attractions to keep visitors entertained. Located in the heart of Nevada’s Lincoln County, Caliente is known for its stunning landscapes and outdoor activities. From camping and fishing to hiking and exploring, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the beauty of this region.

The first place of interest in Caliente is Kershaw-Ryan State Park. This state park features hiking trails, picnic areas, and a historic stone house that was built in 1907. Visitors can also explore the nearby Cave Valley where they can see ancient petroglyphs carved into the canyon walls by Native Americans.

Another popular attraction in Caliente is the Delamar Ghost Town. This ghost town was once a bustling mining center during the silver rush era but now stands deserted with only ruins left behind from its glory days. Today, visitors can explore the ruins or take a guided tour through this historic site.

For those looking for some outdoor adventure, Caliente has plenty to offer as well. The nearby White River provides excellent fishing opportunities while several nearby springs offer swimming and kayaking spots for visitors to cool off on hot summer days. The area also boasts many hiking trails that wind through stunning desert landscapes and provide views of wildlife such as jackrabbits and roadrunners.

Finally, visitors should not miss out on visiting the Great Basin National Park located just outside of Caliente. This park features lush forests, towering mountains, caves filled with ancient fossils, and some of the darkest night skies on earth perfect for stargazing or astrophotography.

No matter what type of activity you are looking for, Caliente offers something for everyone. From exploring ghost towns to camping under starry night skies to enjoying outdoor activities like fishing or hiking – there are plenty of places in this small Nevada town that are sure to delight all types of travelers.