Casa Cor Pernambuco: the Cosy Room of Architect Ana Cristina Cunha

With 42 rooms, the Casa Cor Pernambuco occupies one of the most noble of Reef: a traditional 19-century mansion, with stained glass Windows and floors preserved from your construction that during your peak has received names of politics as Luis Carlos Prestes and Getúlio Vargas. The Bontempo is present in two rooms of the show – today, we will present the master bedroom, designed by architect Ana Cristina wedge and materialized in partnership with Bontempo reef.Recovery of symmetry and amplitude of space is one of the principal axes of the project, which takes advantage of several architectural elements of the House where the show is performed.

A mix of traditional and noble materials – wood and mirrors – with others present as the Dekton and the custom panels of Bontempo are part of the environment. The living and sleeping areas are well outlined by the layout of the space. The panels in Noce Autunno come into line with the original floor of the residence, favouring a sensation “comforting”, in the words of the architect. Other finishers dialogue of Bontempo happens between the portals of the construction and joinery inLaccato Bianco.

Loose furniture is signed by designer Jader Almeida. And the lighting, developed by designer Claudia Moreira Salles, brings the Singing Wall Sconce with Designer colors especially for the show. The result is a contemporary setting with details which refer to the Pernambuco culture.

“All I wanted to do, Bontempo managed to materialize in full”, says Ana Cristina. An example of the power of materialization of Factory of the impossible is the Panel installed behind the bed, which follows the same design of the wallpaper in the room. “This customizability has made the single space,” says the architect.


47 ideias para quartos da CASACOR 2016

47 ideias para quartos da CASACOR 2016