Lacava Bathroom Accessories Wholesale







Brand facts:

Lacava is an American brand specializing in manufacturing lifestyle bathroom furniture and sanitary accessories like lavatories, bathtubs, toilets, faucets, mirrors and so on.

All of their products are made in America with Italian design and German engineering, and they are still striving to create professional and excellent products to meet the needs and expectations of customers.


Main Categories:

Lavatories, bathtubs and showers, faucetry, toilets, furniture, accessories, kitchen, make-up mirrors, shower heads, hardware, drains and traps

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Mansfield Plumbing Bathroom for Pregnancy

Mansfield Plumbing






Brand Facts:

Mansfield Plumbing is an American brand specializing in manufacturing residential and commercial sanitary products like toilets, lavatories, bathtubs and so on.

Mansfield Plumbing Bathroom

Holding a strong commitment of service, quality and value, they are recognized as “Brand of Choice” because customers are fond of their professional sanitary products for high quality, innovative design and good performance.


Main Categories:

Toilets & bidets, lavatories, bathtubs, urinals, shower bases

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KWC Bathroom with Stickers




Brand Facts:

KWC is a Swiss brand specializing in manufacturing luxury sanitary faucets and accessories for kitchen and bathroom.

Their mission is to create world’s top faucets with Swiss craftsmanship of innovation, precision, fascination and advanced technology which can bring customers a sense of comfort, functionality and aesthetics.

Main Categories:

Kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, accessories

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LAUFEN Bathroom Accessories







Brand facts:

LAUFEN is a Swiss brand specializing in manufacturing bathroom products like faucets, washbasins, toilets, furniture, bathtubs and other accessories.

Their products reflect a symbiosis of design, quality and functionality.

They combine the southern emotional Italian design and northern traditional precision in their designs which make their products unique and elegant.


Main Categories:

Faucets, washbasins, toilets, furniture, bathtubs, shower trays, accessories

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Kraus USA Bathroom Accessories

Kraus USA



Brand Facts:

Kraus USA is a famous brand specializing in manufacturing high quality kitchen and bathroom accessories like faucets, sinks, combos and so on.

Based on the philosophy value of style, performance and value, they are committed to create reliable and functional sanitary products and improve the quality of customers’ lives.

Main Categories:

Faucets, sinks, combos, accessories, parts

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Julien Bathroom Accessories | 1946, Canada


Julien Bathroom Accessories 1946, Canada

Brand Facts: 

  • Julien is a Canadian brand manufacturing stainless steel products including sinks, faucets, and other accessories for bathroom and kitchen.
  • They are focused on the recycling for green fabrication process, in order to reduce pollutions and protect the environment. And they are always devoted to drawing inspirations and innovations for new designs, trying to become the leader in the industry.

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Kallista Bathroom Accessories | 1979, US


Brand facts: 

  • Kallista is an American brand of kitchen and bath products including faucets, showers, sinks, tubs, toilets and so on.
  • The brand is built for the desire to bring sophistication and fashion to the bathroom and kitchen. Their products are made by the best materials  and in fashionable designs in order to bring customers a sense of elegance.

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Jacuzzi Bathroom Accessories | 1915, Italy


Brand facts: 

  • Jacuzzi is a global leading brand of sanitary accessories and the brand is quite famous for its hot tub and bathtub jet systems with high quality and innovative designs.
  • Their designers keep on researching new technology and improving their products for further development, and meeting customers’ changeable requirements.

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Hindware Bathroom Accessories | 1960, India


Brand Facts: 

  • Hindware is a leading brand in India of sanitary wares including faucets, tiles, and other accessories for kitchen and bathroom.
  • The brand gets successful for three keys: customer satisfaction, product innovation and quality control, according to COUNTRYAAH.
  • They focus on customers’ needs and modern lifestyles, thus their products are of high quality, innovative design and distinctive functions.

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Herbeau Bathroom Accessories | 1857, French


Brand facts: 

  • Herbeau is a famous brand manufacturing sanitary accessories for kitchen and bathroom as the original design of health in the world.
  • They are quite proud for their high quality products in the distinctive French style, and they are devoted to achieving greater success driven by their passion for their functional art which has gone for five generations.

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Hansgrohe Bathroom Accessories | 1901, Germany


Brand Facts: 

  • Hansgrohe is a leading brand manufacturing sanitary fittings like showers, bathroom mixers, and kitchen mixers, and it’s also the world’s largest supplier of shower head and accessories.
  • Their products are of high quality and innovative design, while also combined with sustainable sanitation technologies, which makes them a great success.

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Hansa Bathroom Accessories | 1911, Germany


Brand Facts: 

  • Hansa is a leading brand manufacturing high quality sanitary accessories for kitchen and bathroom.
  • They follow the philosophy value of “Green Responsibility” and “Experience water”, and they pay much attention to the sustainability and environmental protection, devoting to improving the efficiency of their products for water and energy savings.

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Grohe Bathroom Accessories | 1911, Germany


Brand facts: 

  • Grohe is a world leading brand providing sanitary fittings like faucets, showers, and other accessories for kitchen and bathroom.
  • They follow the philosophy of “Quality, Technology, Design and Sustainability”, and they are devoted to improving their technology and products driven by their mission of “Pure Freude an Wasser”.

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Ginger Bathroom Accessories | 1983, US


Brand facts: 

  • Ginger is an American leading brand providing bathroom accessories, lighting, and mirrors for customers, with unique design and high quality.
  • The brand is famous for “Luxury for Your Lifestyle”, which is based on their philosophy values: unique and thoughtful designs, aesthetic, innovation and function, flawlessness, quality and good customer service.

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Franke Bathroom Accessories | 1911, Switzerland


Brand Facts: 

  • Franke is a world leading brand providing sinks, taps, hoods, tables, stoves, and many other products for kitchen, washroom, and home ware appliance.
  • They build their own standards for the quality and innovation design, and they are devoted to helping people to live better and creating significant value for the society.

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