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The Caribbean covers the islands located in the Caribbean Sea supplemented by the Bahamas. Every island within this area used to be a colony of one of the powerful western countries. England, France and Spain in particular had many islands here that were mainly used for their raw materials and excellent agricultural opportunities. Today you see that tourism has become by far the most important source of income in these countries that have largely regained their independence. Although most islands are still having a hard time economically, there are good examples of how structurally working together on high-quality tourism leads to a stable economy. An island that excels in this respect is, for example, Aruba, which was the first of the Netherlands Antilles to become largely independent. The major airlines such as TUI and KLM fly to the Caribbean from the Netherlands. You often see that flights to and from Curaçao are combined with a stopover on Bonaire. You may have problems with the flight. If your flight is delayed, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Due to the long distance, the compensation can be up to € 600 per passenger.

Antigua and Barbuda Geography and Population

OFFICIAL NAME: Antigua and Barbuda CAPITAL CITY: St. John’s POPULATION: 81,800 (2011) AREA: 440 km² OFFICIAL LANGUAGE (S): English, Creole-English RELIGION: Protestants 74%, Catholics 11%, Rastafarians 1%, others 14% COIN: eastern caribbean dollar CURRENCY CODE: XCD ENGLISH NAME: Antigua and Barbuda INDEPENDENCE: 1981 POPULATION COMPOSITION: Afro-Caribbean 91%, others (especially of European and Middle Eastern origin)… Read More »

Bahamas Geography and Population

OFFICIAL NAME: The Bahamas CAPITAL CITY: Nassau POPULATION: 353,700 (2010) AREA: 13,864 km² OFFICIAL LANGUAGE (S): English, Creole-English RELIGION: Baptists 32%, Anglicans 20%, Catholics 19%, Methodists 6%, Church of God 6%, other Protestants 12%, others 5% COIN: bahamian dollar CURRENCY CODE: BSD ENGLISH NAME: Commonwealth of the Bahamas INDEPENDENCE: 1973 POPULATION COMPOSITION: afrocaribiere 85%, white… Read More »

Barbados Geography and Population

OFFICIAL NAME: Barbados CAPITAL CITY: Bridgetown POPULATION: 277,800 (2010) AREA: 430 km² OFFICIAL LANGUAGE (S): English RELIGION: Protestants 67%, Catholics 4%, others 29% COIN: Barbados dollar CURRENCY CODE: BBD ENGLISH NAME: Barbados INDEPENDENCE: 1966 POPULATION COMPOSITION: Afro-Caribbean 92%, other 8% GDP PER residents: 16,151 USD (2012) LIFE EXPECTANCY: men 73 years, women 78 years (2007)… Read More »

Cuba Geography and Population

Cuba – geography Cuba consists predominantly of slightly hilly lowlands, and only on the southernmost coast there are actual mountains. At Guantánamo Bay on this coast lies a large U.S. naval base; it is Cuban territory, which since 1903 has been leased by the United States. Population and occupation The native Native American people perished… Read More »

Dominica Geography and Population

OFFICIAL NAME: Dominica CAPITAL CITY: Roseau POPULATION: 71,900 (2011) AREA: 751 km² OFFICIAL LANGUAGE (S): English, French-Creole (patois) RELIGION: Catholics 77%, Protestants 15% (Methodists 5%, Pentecostals 3%, Seventh-day Adventists 3%, Baptists 2%, others 2%), none 2%, others 6% COIN: East Caribbean dollars CURRENCY CODE: XCD ENGLISH NAME: Commonwealth of Dominica INDEPENDENCE: 1978 POPULATION COMPOSITION: Afro-Caribbean… Read More »

Dominican Republic Geography and Population

Dominican Republic – geography The Dominican Republic is located on the island of Hispaniola, strategically located at the entrance of the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, from where Columbus ‘ and his successors’ first exploration and conquest of the New World emerged. Several mountain ranges cut through the land along fertile valleys in between;… Read More »

Grenada Geography and Population

OFFICIAL NAME: Grenada CAPITAL CITY: St. George’s POPULATION: 110,000 (2012) AREA: 378 km² OFFICIAL LANGUAGE (S): English, Creole-English, Creole-French RELIGION: Catholics 53%, Anglicans 14%, other Protestants 33% COIN: East Caribbean dollar CURRENCY CODE: XCD ENGLISH NAME: Grenada INDEPENDENCE: 1974 POPULATION COMPOSITION: Afro-Caribbean 85%, Indians and Pakistanis 3%, whites 1%, mixed 11% GDP PER residents: 7300… Read More »

Haiti Geography and Population

Haiti – geography A large part of Haiti consists of two peninsulas respectively. north and south of Gonâve Bay; the capital Port-au-Prince is located at the bottom of this. Everywhere the landscape is mountainous; three chains of west-east orientation continue into the neighboring country, the Dominican Republic. Lowlands are found mainly on the north coast… Read More »

Jamaica Geography and Population

Jamaica – geography Jamaica has a varied landscape. A lowland area surrounds the island’s central mountain range Blue Mountains, whose highest peak is 2256 m. The majority of the surface is a rugged limestone plateau at 300-1000 m altitude. Erosion has in several places formed karst landscapes with subsidence valleys, dolines. Fertile red soils are… Read More »

Saint Kitts and Nevis Geography and Population

Saint Kitts and Nevis OFFICIAL NAME: Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis CAPITAL CITY: Basseterre POPULATION: 50,300 (2011) AREA: 269 ​​km² OFFICIAL LANGUAGE (S): English, Creole-English RELIGION: Anglicans 25%, Methodists 25%, Pentecostals 8%, Brethren 8%, other Protestants 19%, Catholics 7%, others 8% COIN: East Caribbean dollar CURRENCY CODE: XCD ENGLISH NAME: Saint Kitts and Nevis… Read More »

Saint Lucia Geography and Population

OFFICIAL NAME: Saint Lucia CAPITAL CITY: Castries POPULATION: 173,800 (2009) AREA: 620 km² OFFICIAL LANGUAGE (S): English, Creole-French RELIGION: Catholics 80%, Protestants 19%, others 1% COIN: East Caribbean dollar CURRENCY CODE: XCD ENGLISH NAME: Saint Lucia INDEPENDENCE: 1979 POPULATION COMPOSITION: afrocaribiere 90%, mixed 6%, indians 3%, others 1% GDP PER residents: 7769 USD (2011) LIFE… Read More »

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Geography and Population

OFFICIAL NAME: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines CAPITAL CITY: Kingstown POPULATION: 103,000 (2013) AREA: 345 km² OFFICIAL LANGUAGE (S): English, Creole-English RELIGION: Protestants 75%, Catholics 13%, others (including Hindus) 12% COIN: East Caribbean dollar CURRENCY CODE: XCD ENGLISH NAME: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines INDEPENDENCE: 1979 POPULATION COMPOSITION: Afro-Caribbean 82%, mixed 14%, other 4% GDP… Read More »

Central America

Central America According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, Central America is the land area between South America and Mexico, bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The area includes Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. A table of Caribbean countries, capitals, population and area can be… Read More »