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Central America is the part of America that lies between the United States of America and Colombia, supplemented by the Caribbean Islands. Within the Country Guide site, only the countries located in Central America (all countries on the land bridge between North and South America belong to the Central America section. The Caribbean Islands form their own region within Country Guide.. Central America is an area that was colonized by Europeans for many years. As a result, Spanish is the main language and the Roman Catholic faith the main religion. Agriculture, tourism, trade and logistics (Panama) are officially the main sources of income in Central America. Mexico also produces a lot, especially for the American market. Unofficially, the drug trade may be even more profitable than any other source of income. Central America faces a number of natural threats, making serious economic growth within a number of countries difficult. Earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and volcanic eruptions can disrupt daily life in countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize and Mexico.

Belize Geography and Population

OFFICIAL NAME: Belize CAPITAL CITY: Belmopan POPULATION: 334,000 (2013) AREA: 22,800 km² OFFICIAL LANGUAGE (S): English, Spanish, Mayan language, Creole language RELIGION: Catholics 58%, Protestants 34%, others 8% COIN: belize dollar CURRENCY CODE: BZD ENGLISH NAME: Belize INDEPENDENCE: 1981 POPULATION COMPOSITION: mestizer 44%, Creoles (especially black) 31%, Mayan Indians 10%, whites 4%, others 11% GDP… Read More »

Costa Rica Geography and Population

Costa Rica – geography Costa Rica is located in the middle of the Central American isthmus. The Cordillas here consist of two parallel mountain ranges with a plateau in between. The highest peaks reach 4000 m; most are active volcanoes and the area is seismically active with frequent earthquakes. The majority of the population inhabits… Read More »

Ecuador Geography and Population

Ecuador – geography The Andes divide the country into three natural geographical regions. The highlands, the Sierra, consist of two parallel mountain ranges with a plateau in between. The Pan-American Highway runs on the plateau at an altitude of 2000-3000 m, and the route is flanked at intervals by up to 6000 m high snow-covered… Read More »

El Salvador Geography and Population

OFFICIAL NAME: El Salvador CAPITAL CITY: San Salvador POPULATION: 6,820,000 (2007) AREA: 21,041 km² OFFICIAL LANGUAGE (S): Spanish, quite a few Native American languages RELIGION: Catholics 86%, Protestants and others 14% COIN: dollars CURRENCY CODE: USD ENGLISH NAME: El Salvador INDEPENDENCE: 1841 POPULATION COMPOSITION: mestizer 90%, whites (especially of Spanish origin) 9%, Indians 1% GDP… Read More »

Guatemala Geography and Population

Guatemala – geography Guatemala has a varied landscape that to the south consists of a densely populated mountain area and to the north of a sparsely populated lowlands. The southern area alternates between mountain ranges and long chains with altitudes of 2000 m east rising to 3500 m west. The highest peaks are conical volcanoes… Read More »

Honduras Geography and Population

Honduras – geography Large parts of Honduras are mountainous country; more than half of the area is above 900 m, but only a few peaks reach above 2000 m. A north-south-going depression divides the country; the westernmost part is the most mountainous. The rivers that flow north into the Gulf of Honduras have formed large,… Read More »

Nicaragua Geography and Population

Nicaragua – Geography The central parts of the country contain two volcanic mountain ranges; the eastern has heights up to 2200 m and is of older origin, the western is somewhat lower and characterized by younger volcanoes, several of which are active. Between the two lies a valley depression with the great lakes Managua and… Read More »

Panama Geography and Population

Panama – Geography Panama is characterized by mountain ranges that run east-west. To the west, the mountains are volcanic, a continuation of the Cordilleras. The highest point is the volcano Baru (3475 m) near the border with Costa Rica. The plateaus between the mountain ranges are fertile. In several places, the coastal lowlands towards the… Read More »

Trinidad and Tobago Geography and Population

OFFICIAL NAME: Republic of Trinidad and Tobago CAPITAL CITY: Port of Spain POPULATION: 1,225,000 (2013) AREA: 5124 km² OFFICIAL LANGUAGE (S): English, Creole-English, Creole-French, Hindi RELIGION: Protestants 30% (including Anglicans 11%, Presbyterians 3%), Catholics 29%, Hindus 24%, Muslims 6%, others 11% COIN: Trinidad and Tobago dollars CURRENCY CODE: TTD ENGLISH NAME: Trinidad and Tobago INDEPENDENCE:… Read More »

Central America

Central America According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, Central America is the land area between South America and Mexico, bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The area includes Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. A table of Caribbean countries, capitals, population and area can be… Read More »

Things to Do in Guatemala

Guatemala is located between the countries of Mexico, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador in Central America. Only the south of Guatemala borders the Pacific Ocean. A holiday in Guatemala starts for most tourists in Guatemala City. To bridge the new time zone, you can choose to relax here for a few days. The city has… Read More »

Things to Do in Guadeloupe

The Leeward Island of Guadeloupe is a small archipelago belonging to France. It consists of two adjacent islands separated by the sea and a few small islands. The overwhelming nature and beautiful beaches will certainly charm you. Small fishing villages where time has almost stood still alternate with patches of rainforest and rugged coastlines. There… Read More »

Things to Do in Grenada

Grenada is a country consisting of several of the Windward Islands in the Caribbean. The green and mountainous main island is known for its spices. All kinds of spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and mace are exported from here. After Indonesia, it is even the largest exporter of nutmeg. The archipelago consists of Carriacou,… Read More »

Things to Do in Ecuador

Spanish-speaking Ecuador is located in South America on the Pacific Ocean. Peru also includes the Galapagos Islands and the Andes Mountains run from north to south. Ecuador’s neighbors are Peru and Colombia. Ecuador is a country with many faces. For example, snow occurs in the Andes Mountains, there are still several active volcanoes and the… Read More »

Things to Do in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a country in the Caribbean, located on the eastern half of the island of Hispaniola. The Dominican Republic is a popular tourist destination thanks to its tropical climate and beautiful beaches. Tourism is therefore an important pillar for the economy within the country, which also shows many traces of poverty. Most… Read More »

Things to Do in Curacao

Curaçao is an island located in the Caribbean Sea and belongs to the Leeward Antilles. Since October 10, 2010, Curaçaoan independent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, where the colonial history with the Netherlands is clearly noticeable. For example, the official language is still Dutch, King Willem-Alexander is still the head of state and… Read More »

Things to Do in Cuba

Cuba is an (is) country located in the Caribbean Sea, south of the state of Florida in the United States. The communist regime and the trade embargo imposed by the United States have made Cuba different from the surrounding islands. The population is relatively poor, with the exception of people who work in tourism and… Read More »

Things to Do in Costa Rica

This beautiful green country is located in Central America between the countries of Nicaragua and Panama. Many ecotourists and backpackers have been able to find their way to this eco-friendly country for years. Various travel organizations offer all kinds of tours, but it is certainly possible to do this on your own. There are also… Read More »

Sights of Cayman Islands

In the western Caribbean you will find the islands of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. These islands belong to overseas Great Britain and together form the Cayman Islands or Cayman Islands. Especially the divers among us know that the Cayman Islands are particularly known for their excellent diving locations, some of which have… Read More »

Attractions of Bonaire

The island of Bonaire is a special municipality of the Netherlands. Together with the windward islands of Saba and Sint Eustatius, Bonaire forms the Caribbean Netherlands. Bonaire is the easternmost of the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao). In terms of size, it lies between the two neighboring islands, but with only about fifteen thousand… Read More »

Things to Do in Belize

Beautiful Belize is located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, between Mexico and Guatemala. This North American country has Belmopan as its capital. Most tourists who leave for Belize are looking for the many Mayan ruins, the densely forested rainforests, the colorful underwater world, the pearly white beaches and of course the wonderful subtropical… Read More »

Attractions of Barbados

Barbados is a country in the Caribbean that consists of one island. The British have ruled Barbados for over three hundred years. This can still be seen in the language, some buildings and street names. A fairly large proportion of all tourists to Barbados are still British. These tourists mainly stay in the luxury hotel… Read More »

Sights of Bahamas

The Commonwealth of the Bahamas is an archipelago of about seven hundred islands. The Bahamas (or Bahamas) is the northernmost country in the Caribbean. The Bahamas is known for its beautiful sandy beaches and impressive underwater world. The country is therefore popular among divers and snorkelers. Anyone who takes a cruise departing from Miami or… Read More »

Things to Do in Aruba

The island of Aruba is an independent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Until independence in 1986, Aruba belonged to the Netherlands Antilles. The beautiful beaches and beautiful hotels ensure that Arubais popular as a holiday destination, in the first place among American tourists, but certainly also among the Dutch. In absolute numbers, however,… Read More »

Sights of Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands are located in the Caribbean Sea, which can be divided into the United States Virgin Islands (US Virgin Islands) and the British Virgin Islands (British Virgin Islands). The adventurous tourists in particular will quickly feel attracted to this Caribbean destination. There is therefore plenty to experience and see. It is a destination… Read More »

Sights of Sint Maarten

Sint Maarten is an island in the Caribbean Sea, belonging to the Windward Islands. The island consists of two parts. The southern half belonged to the former Netherlands Antilles until 10-10-2010 and is now an independent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The northern half, Saint Martin, is officially part of the country of… Read More »

Sights of Puerto Rico

The island of Puerto Rico is located in the Caribbean Sea. There is a close connection with the United States. Although the US has some power in Puerto Rico and officially sees it as US territory, it does not belong to the US States. For European tourists, Puerto Rico is mainly a destination that is… Read More »

Landmarks of Panama

The Republic of Panama is the southernmost country in Central America. Panama is best known for the Panama Canal that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. In the twentieth century, the presence of this huge canal has contributed greatly to the economic growth that the country has experienced in that period. Although management of the… Read More »

Landmarks of Nicaragua

Nicaragua is located in Central America. Nicaragua’s neighbors are Honduras to the north and Costa Rica to the south. In addition, the country also has two water sides. To the west of Nicaragua lies the Pacific Ocean and to the west the Caribbean Sea. Nicaragua is still a relatively unknown holiday destination. In the past,… Read More »

Sights of Martinique

In the middle of the archipelago of the Caribbean lies the French Martinique, an island with just over 400,000 inhabitants spread over 1102 km². The island is part of the Lesser Antilles and is located about 700 km southeast of the Dominican Republic. The active volcano Mont Pelée forms the highest point on the island,… Read More »