Cellulite Also Depends on Cooking

The cellulite depends on cooking food, apart from the power supply. Some methods of cooking would indeed produce harmful substances that adversely affect our skin. Here’s what emerged during the last national conference devoted to aesthetic medicine.

Almost all now know that cellulite mainly depends power supply and mostly from one unhealthy lifestyle “active”, but did you know that even the cooking method can hurt and damage the skin and connective tissues?

Here’s what emerged at the 34th National Congress of the Italian society of aesthetic medicine, held in Rome, during which experts discussed the theme “good foods” and “bad foods”, but concluded that a lot depends on the ways of cooking.

Apparently the process of cooking food causes the formation of harmful substances, called Ages – Advanced glycation end product – which act directly on the connective tissues, damaging them.

«The Ages are molecular compounds aggressive acting on receptors in the cell membranes of fibroblasts, skin cells, collagen and connective tissue, altering on adipocytes venous, arterial and lymphatic system, “says Pier Luigi Rossi, Professor of food science and preventive medicine at the University of Bologna. So the goal would be to reduce the amount of harmful substances ingested by following a diet low in sugar but also focusing on raw or steamed, and of course reducing industrial foods and sugary drinks. In other words, it means delete, or rather limit, foods like white bread, long-life milk, pasta, baked cakes but also all sweeteners and diet drinks. All these foods should be replaced with vegetables, pasteurized and steamed or cooked over very slow.

The problem is that the tissue damage, those caused by these harmful substances, beginning to appear around 35 years, when it’s too late for a reversal. In the light of the latest findings, therefore, it would be appropriate to take measures in time and prevent the accumulation of units Ages!