Configuration of a box spring bed for two people

Configuration of a box spring bed for two people

When two people share a bed, very different requirements, requirements and wishes often come together. With their various basic configurations and optional equipment, box spring beds represent an optimal solution. Originally, they were designed for use in luxury hotels, where almost night after night other people with very individual needs should find restful and relaxing sleep.

For those who have not yet dealt with box spring beds, the configuration or composition of a double bed that is suitable for both partners is sometimes quite difficult. To make it easy for you to find your dream box spring bed that perfectly meets both your own needs and those of your partner, we have put together some basic information for you on this page.

The right degree of hardness for the box spring bed

The firmness of box spring beds is always given together with weight recommendations. If both people are in the same weight range, the choice is usually quite easy.

But what if one partner weighs less than the other? Do you then need a box spring double bed with one half of the bed configured with a low degree of firmness and the other half with a higher degree of firmness?

The answer to this question is basically: “No.”, because it depends on the specific bed system and its composition: Often times, a higher degree of hardness can also be used by a person with a lower body weight without any problems.

In the case of very large differences in weight, different sleeping habits or different preferences in terms of the strength of the sleep system, it is usually worthwhile to look for a bed solution that is individually suitable for both people. In addition to the ergonomic suitability of a sleeping pad or the correct body positioning, our personal perception also plays an important role in whether lying and sleeping are judged as pleasant and relaxing. Even with an optimally bedded body with ideal pressure relief and support, it can happen that the perceived feeling of lying is too hard or too soft, which has a detrimental effect on well-being and relaxation.

Find the right double bed with the product configurator

So that you can put together a double bed that is tailored to your needs quickly and easily, we have already optimized many of our box spring beds in this direction. If you choose a double bed size, you can choose from a combination of different degrees of firmness. This means that the sides of the bed are each equipped with a different degree of firmness. In this way, the sleep system meets different requirements.

Different sleeping habits – topper choice

As the topmost component of the box spring bed, the topper determines the ultimate comfort. Different materials with their different properties influence the feeling of lying down.

When choosing a topper for a box spring bed, in addition to individual preferences, sleep behavior is of great importance. Restless sleepers will not experience a restful night with a thermoelastic viscose foam topper. Viscous foam is also less suitable for people who sweat more than average.Configuration of a box spring bed for two people

If you are more of a quiet sleeper and would therefore like to equip your box spring bed with a visco foam topper, but your partner experiences very restless nights with frequent changes of position, then one of our box spring models with combination topper may be the right choice for your double bed. Half of the core of the combi topper consists of cold foam and half of visco foam. Accordingly, one side of the bed offers point-elastic visco foam for the quiet sleeper and the other side of the bed offers area-elastic cold foam for those who often turn and turn at night.

Cold foam is generally a very flexible sleeping pad that is suitable for a wide variety of sleeping habits. Due to its open-pored structure, cold foam can also be used by people who sweat more.

In addition, other core materials such as latex, gel or mesh are available for the toppers.