Croydex Bathroom Accessories | 1919, UK


Croydex Bathroom Accessories 1919, UK

Brand facts: 

  • Croydex is a British brand manufacturing bathroom products including rods, showers, toilet seats, cabinets, and accessories.
  • The focus on the quality of the products to meet customers’ requirements while also combine innovation and fashion elements in their designs, which makes the brand a huge successes.



Main Categories: 

Rods and rails, shower curtains, bath mats & pillows, showers & shower accessories, toilet seats & bath panels, cabinets & storage, wall mounted accessories, semi permanent accessories, assistive, home wares.


Time and place: 1919, Croydon, UK

Early products: household products

Founder: Thomas Greenfield

Headquarter Location: 

Andover, Hampshire, UK

Worldwide Locations: 

UK, Europe, and Far East

Price Range: 

Showerheads: USD18.37-USD57

Official Website: