Decorate Your Home to See The Eurovision Song Contest: Ten Ideas

Held on Saturday as every year at this time the final gala of the Festival Eurovision 2012, a classic to see family or friends. Although we all know that it is likely that Pastora Soler does not win, so we’re going to cheat, hope is the last thing you lose and illusion nobody cannot remove it ourselves until the end of the vote, one of the best moments of the night.

So if you think to see Eurovision 2012 at home with guests, you should set at least the living room for the moment, I know, sometimes I step, but it is that I love the theme parties and the occasion calls for it. So we will see a few ideas that can be perfect for this Saturday and that in general we serve for other parties related to the theme song.

10 shades of musical notes

We start with a curtains that I can put in the separation between the living room and the kitchen or room and Hall depending on the distribution of the House. Everything you wear musical notes in this case it serves to decorate and if we don’t want to put in a gate also we can hang it on the wall.

Decorate Your Home to See The Eurovision Song Contest Ten Ideas 3

9 trays of vinyl

There are plenty on the market of accessories made from old vinyl records or that mimic them, especially trays and bowls to serve snacks, what better occasion than this to be used. So if you don’t have anything from vinyl at home are still a couple of days to achieve it, sure you find it.

8 paper, cardboard or plastic tableware

If we are going to have many guests, as a matter of convenience, better to choose a paper, cardboard or plastic tableware for the Saturday night and how it could be otherwise, there also is decorated with musical notes. If we can not choose black imitation vinyl or red and yellow, the colors of the flag of Spain, which in my case is that I want to win, then already each choose its colors.

7 flags of countries

And speaking of colors and countries, something need us to liven up the party, we can think in the typical pennant, But today there are on the market much more original options, such clackers with the colors of the flag which you can see in the picture above.

6 disco mirror ball

And in a musical feast in which we are going to sing and dance the ball of glass and mirrors typical of all disco no self-respecting can miss, leads joining us in this type of festivals for years and it is not difficult to get one House that we can additionally take advantage not only Saturday but also on other occasions.

Decorate Your Home to See The Eurovision Song Contest Ten Ideas 2

5 lights

Thinking about lighting another interesting option is the of the colorful lights, of course, we are not going to buy lamps like crazy for a night, but maybe a wreath of small light bulbs of color or filter colored lamps that we already have.

4 Eurovision special balloons

A few balloons can not miss in the decoration of any holiday, are not exclusive to the birthday, and there are also decorated with drawings of musical notes, or even the own form of the note, as you can see in the first picture of this article.

3 pinatas and inflatable

If our Eurovision party will come children, which is more than recommended because they will find plenty of Vice and because you have to create school and new fans to the event, you can place something special for them as one inflatable shapes of musical instruments or a piñata with the same form filled with treats during the holiday break it. The moment in which we are waiting for the results of the votes is ideal to break the piñata.

2 Posters or wall stickers

We will have to decorate also some walls, if you have at home a poster of Pastora Soler or of any previous edition of another Eurovision Song Contest, can serve and but come back with musical notes, even can buy cardboard crop and make decorative notes by ourselves, then paste them into walls and furniture.

Decorate Your Home to See The Eurovision Song Contest Ten Ideas 1

1 Photocall for the guests

And the most important thing today at a party is the Photocall, as guests arrive already we can make the first photos and as soon as the party will be encouraging people surely again wanting to pose and I bet we get images of the most funny. So you know, only two days left to prepare it all, you have to hurry up and of course we take this opportunity to wish all the luck in the world to Pastora Soler in his performance.