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Designer Wallpapers

Gone are the days of monotonous colors on the walls. Show style and bring an effective pattern wallpaper to your walls and conjure up a new living atmosphere in no time at all. In our online shop you will find a large selection of different designer wallpapers from well-known manufacturers such as Esprit Home , Versace or AS Création , so that you are sure to find the right wall decoration quickly. Bring your walls to life and decorate them with our modern designer wallpapers. If you are interested in wall decoration, you can visit PAULWALLCLOCKS.COM to find black wall clocks online.

Noble designs and modern prints for every taste

Do you like it classically subtle or striking and extravagant? The wide range in our online shop offers you a multifaceted selection that is tailored to your taste. Enjoy pure luxury with the patterned wallpaper from Versace Wallpaper, feel the pure joie de vivre of spring in Buenos Aires with Esprit Home or experience Chicago’s diversity with AS Création. With the wallpaper accessories that are also available in our shop , your walls can be dressed up quickly and easily.

Designer wallpaper for all living rooms

Whether in the office, children’s room or living room, the designer wallpapers come into their own in all your rooms. Let your imagination sprout and design your living space according to your individual wishes. With the pattern wallpapers and designer wallpapers from our online shop, no design wishes remain unfulfilled.

Stone wallpaper – stylistic character for your living space

What do you think of covering a natural wall in stone in your living space? This is modern, stylish and gives your premises a natural flair. Use our patterned wallpaper in stone look and quickly conjure up a great stone wall with the wall wallpaper from our online shop. Our range includes a wide range of stone pattern wallpapers, so you can decorate your walls however you like.

Great effects in your living room with our stone wallpaper

With the different versions of the stone wallpapers, nothing is left to be desired for a creative and individual interior design. The stone wallpapers in our product range are made of washable and light-resistant fleece or vinyl, so that a long life is guaranteed. Choose between a seamless stone look , a straight wall wallpaper or a brittle stone structure your favorites and give your living spaces a natural touch. You get a particularly cozy feel-good ambience if you only attach the stone wallpaper to one wall of the room. You design the other walls in a color that is contained in the stone wallpaper. Please make sure to use light colors in small rooms so that the room appears larger. And with the right accessories from our range, you can put your new wall covering on the wall quickly and easily, like a professional.

Bring a natural look to any room with our stone wallpaper

Our stone wallpaper is almost as flexible as you, because the various structures and patterns of the wallpaper adapt to your furnishing style. From antique to extravagant to modern, we have the right stone wallpaper for an individual wall design in our range for every taste. The wall wallpaper with stone pattern puts your dining room in a new light. The patterned wallpaper in gray natural stone will definitely look good in your living room . Of course, we also offer stone wallpapers in other colors, such as brick red or various shades of brown.

Wall mural Sherazade