Discover Petra’s Lively Idyll

By | January 18, 2021

The tourist resort and the small lively village of Petra is one of Lesbos’ best and most popular holiday destinations. You can easily get here with a charter company, but of course you can also get here on your own if you prefer. If there is one place where you can experience the villages of Greece from the best side, it really is in Petra and its surroundings. This little idyll is located on the north side of Lesbos and can delight anyone. The landscape is quite flat but in the middle of the city rises a 30 meter high cliff. At the top of this small mountain stands a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Around the surroundings you can walk or cycle by the village’s excellent paths where you have the opportunity to watch animals, birds and unusual plants.

The active sandy beach of Petra

Despite the fact that this small fabulous village is so small, there is usually a lot of activity around the central sandy beach which is very child-friendly. The beach is both coarse-grained and fine-grained as well as shallow and stretches a good distance along the village’s promenade where the restaurants and bars are open until late. On the beach you can rent a sun lounger or parasol and practice various water sports such as diving, windsurfing or renting a pedal boat. The fishing opportunities are also good.

Keep in mind that many beach cafes offer their diners a free sun lounger if you buy something to eat or drink there. If you want to explore the nightlife, it is a good idea to stay on the beach so the calm music is replaced by a more lively one and the swimsuits are replaced with high-heeled and stylish outfits. The most fun thing about this beach is that you have a good view of Turkey so it can be fun to bring binoculars to explore the neighboring country. If you have rented a car, you should know that there are a number of hidden beaches nearby such as Kagia that almost no tourists know about.

The old alleys

In Petra’s city center, you can either sit at the village’s junction inside the square or venture into the narrow back streets where the flowers on each side almost meet in the middle. Here there are lots of sweet cafes and lunch places where you can sit on a chair and look up at the church and at the same time have a Greek coffee or ice cream.

Shopping and attractions

Of course there are a few shops in Petra that sell local ingredients and products, but if you want to buy a little more unique things, it is better to take the bus or car to Mytilini or Molivos. Petra is most famous for its beach and hiking trails and this has meant that the shopping opportunities have not become as prominent.

According to answerresume, Petra, however, has some important sights to take a closer look at. The Church of the Virgin Mary on the cliff is a must, as is the First Kiss gallery with paintings and sculptures by the Canadian artist Paul Henry, who recently settled on Lesbos.

Get around Petra

You can take the bus a couple of times a day back and forth between Petra and the nearby towns of Molivos, Eftalou, Anaxos and Mytilini. If you want to get around on your own, a rental car is an alternative or a motorcycle if you are used to driving one. Inside the city, it is the feet and legs you can use, as the village is small and is best discovered in this way. The inner city of Petra is completely free from traffic so you can trudge around just the way you want.

Discover Petra's lively idyll