Do It Yourself: a Fishbowl Inside an Old TV

In a few years the children who speak of the tube televisions We will look with the same face that look at us today when we tell them that cassette tapes one time that were more, since this type of devices are not sold more and many stores offer delicious discounts to those who want to change it.

Here we have seen other ways of recycle an old television, but I think that today you teach is that I like most of all. The owners of this device have decided to empty it and put inside a fish tank with fish as unique programming. This do it yourself It is quite easy if you are crafty to empty the appliance but it is very eye-catching.
I like a lot this Wood TV because it reminds me that there was in my house when I was little with its buttons to change channels, one for each as in the old days. Be careful when removing the tube because you it may shatter in your hands and if possible I would also remove the glass front, mostly to see more clearly the fish.

Before you start, custom screen so that the tank fits you and remember that out you are going to do from behind so not you put it against the wall if you don’t have a plan B to get it out. I believe that it is an original and decorative piece that may well stay in a room with the retro air.