Do It Yourself: Bumpers to Doors as Parts of Lego

When you open windows at home, for example to air, the risk that the doors is hit, especially in that moment in which does no harm to have some stop with the hold them, many of them design, there are a lot of them for sale on the market but not so resistant how this form of piece of Lego giant, we can also do We ourselves.

I guess you are already imagining you what’s inside, effectively is of a brick, the size and the shape is quite unmistakable, so difficult is that the door moves. The only drawback is that to do it you need to know weaving and unless it is how bicycling, I am afraid that my already is I’ve forgotten, because many years ago that no practical.

Pictured above are enough to make the stop, a ball wool of the color of our choice, the brick, some tissue padding to cover the brick before covering it and that you do not scratch the soil, needles knitting, yarn for sewing and needle and eight plugs large bottles plastic.

With padding brick is wrapped, weave the pieces of wool which is forrara, she is sewn around, plugs are placed, they are also lined and she is sewn into the cover of the brick and the set is now ready. I see the biggest difficulty in weaving the pieces, especially the round cover caps, brick is straight, but the curves so it is good, will have some more complication, to see if someone is encouraged and shows us the photos of the result.