Do It Yourself: Camouflage The Kleenex Box

It was very long, but in reality this post should have been entitled How to wrap a box of tissues with a scarf of fabric, because of that it is simply: of use a handkerchief fabric, for example a bandana, any Pocket handkerchief or even a kitchen towel, a napkin or a small towel, to camouflage and decorate the kleenex box.
If you decide to put it into practice should know that you’ll be doing furoshiki, traditional Japanese art wrap with fabric to transport and protect. My grandmother was also furoshiki, Although she never knew it, when it enveloped the fogaza with roller (dishcloth in Asturian) to bring it to land. And my grandfather Feng-shui when built his house as he should build it, under cover of the wind and the water, but we know that everything sold much more when it has an exotic name.
The furoshiki is causing a furor, not only as ecological packaging that reduces the use of plastic bags, but even in the world of fashion as a substitute for hand bags. In decoration It is very useful to transform the appearance of any object, adapted to the environment and giving it a new value. So that each day is different we won’t just change the handkerchief. You can start to practice following the simple instructions in the video, they are only three knots, and then you go encouraging with the proposals of the Ministry of environment of Japan. It will tell us.