Do It Yourself: Places The Floor Sticker That Is Sold in Boxes

In my student days, I lived in several apartments for rent, most of them very old and quite deteriorated, what I loved was that the owners we always left to me and my colleagues, that we surreal them and decorásemos them to our liking and each year we could choose different colors for each wall … ourselves did all was cool.

It has always annoyed me was the subject of the soil, These floors had the Park badly damaged and the only way to conceal a little was covered with carpets, because put a coating of otherwise tends to be quite complicated. That penalty had not known at that time this invention of Tarkett, in reality it is likely that then still it did not exist, it is of soil sold in boxes And is self-adhesive, one short pieces to the desired size and goes by taping them on the previous floor.

Obviously so this is good, above ground should be fairly smooth and well clean, for several reasons, one, so the new floor will have a finish also smooth and unblemished, another for that tail hold well and the soil is not off. Input it seems very comfortable and simple, but clear, should be seen in the task to find out that problems may arise, sure that you there.