Do It Yourself: Vases with Recycled Bottles and Strings

Although, as I said the other day, everyone has some vase or vase at home, there are occasions in which want to put the flowers in a different container, on the occasion of a dinner or any special celebration, to give that original touch to the arrangement of the table. Although the vase that you intend to make will also look good in any corner of the House that situéis it.

The materials you need are very affordable and are within the reach of anyone, even you can have them at home. A boat or glass bottle (best if you have the wide-necked, so many flowers shove), rope two types of natural and synthetic (the latter in different colors, if they are acids, better, so that the contrast is greater), Glue tail, and a small brush or brush to apply it.

It starts with a clean bottle and when it is completely dry apply glue by small sections, starting from the top. Then start winding the line around the bottle. When you consider that there is enough of a type of rope, switch to the other, to give your vase with the desired appearance. He returned to repeat the operation until the entire surface is covered. And it is already! A different vase, original and, best of all, by yourself.