Do It Yourself: Watch Customize Ikea Rusch

Last week I was in Ikea sale and I bought a Watch Rusch, one of the cheaper items that sold in the shop. This watch only costs 1.75 Euro which makes it very appealing for customization already that if the romples while you modify it (hard thing) is not lost much.

The first thing you have to do is turn the clock and remove the plastic covering the field. It is quite easy, you have three tabs which are accessible from the rear and pressing them can be extracted easily that plastic. Once you have removed the plastic, there comes the time of the hands, that to me was what most took me because I sängar much life.

To remove the knobs, just that you paper firmly of them assemble and disassemble without problem. Do not try to disassemble machinery because it is quite difficult. Book apart the plastic and hands.

Now comes the moment of Remove numbers, fairly easy thing because it is basically a paper glued to the bottom of the clock with double sided adhesive tape. After removal, you have to choose what you should put in your watch face. In my case, I chose an image of Rock Hudson, one of my favorite actors, who had on a old calendar. Use paper that is background to trim to size your background.

You recortáis it with care, Bearing in mind where going to go Center clockwise. You can do this by looking at the candle will look like and so you assure that you will be well. To paste it back, use normal tape or double-sided tape so that you stick on both sides. Although you’ve preserved the adhesive coming from factory, I recommend you strengthened it and thus assure you of the background will not expire.

You almost have it. Do a hole in the Center which to pass clockwise (I made a small hole with an awl and broadened with the same Watch) and again to reinstall everything as it was initially. Close the field well and put a pile.

If you mind the noise of the second hand, do not put it, remember that first will be the hour hand, then the minute hand and finally red. If you’re not going to put, I I would recommend that you pintarais the center of black so that it is not very rare, but as always, to taste colors.

As it is a clock that weighs little, hang in my kitchen I have used a adhesive hook that sold in hardware stores and all the 100. It is behind a hole for easy hanging and adapts perfectly to all surfaces. Of course, each one can put background what you like the most, whether they are photos, drawings or why not? a page of a comic book. If you urge, as always, send us your images to editors arroba

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